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This is our section on the North Carolina health insurance markets by city.  What we do in this section is provide a detailed look at all the health insurance companies and premiums available in each city in North Carolina.

North Carolina Health Insurance Quote

This particular page is a header page and will be used to jump to the various cities that we add to this section.  In the little chart below you can see the nine major cities in the North Carolina health insurance market and the usual rule of thumb that I go by is that I write pages on any city with more then 150,000 residents, but in North Carolina we will go a little lower as the population is so spread out throughout the state.

In any case if your city is not on this list, simply fill out our contact form and I will run some sample quotes and do a little analysis for you, free of charge.

Charlotte 687,456
Raleigh 392,552
Greensboro 250,642
Durham 223,284
Winston-Salem 217,600
Fayetteville 174,091
Cary 129,545
High Point 101,835
Wilmington 100,192