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Public Assistance

In such an expansive, spread out state, it can be difficult to know where to get free or affordable health care in close proximity to your home. There are certainly plenty of Nevada residents in need of medical services, whether as general as an annual physical exam, or sick or injured and requiring professional care. Many individuals are unable to afford these services or take on the cost of health insurance. In response, the state of Nevada and various independent organizations provide services and programs for the poor to receive health care and insurance.

Nevada residents with a certain level of income may be eligible for Medicaid if they are parents, children, pregnant, elderly, blind, or disabled. Children with an income over the Medicaid limits are likely eligible for Nevada Check Up, the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Even adults over age 65 can receive assistance paying for their Medicare bills, as Medicaid offers to pay for premiums, coinsurance, and other payments depending on a person’s income.

Nonprofit organizations from Planned Parenthood to a number of community health centers are also great resources for those who have Medicaid coverage, or anyone even without insurance. View our list of free Nevada clinics to locate a center near you offering health care services on a sliding scale or for free. The best way to gain access to health care professionals and a welcoming environment for low-income patients is to find one of these centers.

Between government-sponsored health insurance plans and free clinics, Nevadans with limited resources do still have options for coverage and care. If a home remedy or over-the-counter medication is not doing the trick, it is not out of the question to see a doctor in Nevada, even without insurance. Simply locate a clinic. Also, if you have not applied for Medicaid or CHIP to receive free health insurance, find out if you qualify and take the necessary steps forward to get coverage. This section will help you understand the benefits, costs (if any), and ways to obtain a health insurance plan through public assistance.