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UnitedHealthOne is the individual health insurance product from Golden Rule Insurance Company, a UnitedHealthcare company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. For over 65 years, Golden Rule has offered health insurance to individuals and families and has been a part of the UnitedHealth Group family for nearly a decade. Aligned with the nation’s largest health insurer, UnitedHealthOne plans provide coverage to millions of Americans in 40 states and the District of Columbia. With a consistent rating from A.M. Best of “A” (Excellent) and “A+” (Strong) from Standard & Poor’s, Golden Rule has received industry approval at the highest degree.

The UnitedHealthcare company offers every health insurance product imaginable, as expected from such a strong corporation. Group health insurance for small and large businesses, including half of Fortune 100 companies, is provided by UnitedHealthcare. All products combined, United has over 26 million members, and their provider network includes the quality services of over 754,000 physicians and medical professionals, and 5,400 hospitals.


United Heath Care Individual Health Insurance Plans


UnitedHealthOne Individual Plans


Copay Plans

Available in several different deductible and coinsurance options to give you either lower premiums or a greater level of coverage. Copay plans are the ideal comprehensive plan, similar to an employer-sponsored plan as several services are offered before you meet the deductible for a copay. These services include unlimited doctor’s office visits with a primary care doctor or specialist for $35 per visit, and generic prescription drugs. Regardless of your deductible or coinsurance level, copay plans will always provide services for illness or injury through a primary care doctor or specialist for a copay. While premiums are typically higher than other types of coverage, the cost savings comes from spending less on each covered visit.


High Deductible Health Plans

For those interested in spending as little as possible each month for a health plan full of benefits, a high deductible plan is an optimal choice. With all of your care, with the exception of preventive services, covered after meeting the deductible, these plans give you responsibility for paying the full price of medical services. Each full-cost out-of-pocket treatment contributes to your deductible, and once it is met, you either receive 80 percent or complete coverage from your health plan for select benefits up to a maximum amount. Also referred to as “catastrophic coverage,” high deductible plans help members access a number of services in case of serious medical needs.


Health Savings Account Plans

Available in a more cost-effective option and a more comprehensive option, HSA plans from UnitedHealthOne give individuals the same responsibility for their medical expenses as a traditional high-deductible plan, with the added benefit of a  tax-advantaged savings account. By using funds from your HSA to pay for the health care services you use, you are making health care as much a decision for your health as your financial well-being. Funds are tax-free, and also serve as a deduction from your income taxes. Coverage will either include prescriptions or not, and cover 70 percent or 100 percent of your costs after deductible.


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