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Humana – Nevada

Humana provides Nevada with an individual PPO product through Humana One, though they also sell group, military, veteran, Medicare, life and supplemental, dental, vision, and pharmacy coverage across the nation. Acknowledged by many companies for its business practices and success, Humana is also accredited by URAC and NCQA, the organizations who evaluate health insurance companies to make sure they meet industry standards.

Incorporated in 1961 as a company who built nursing homes and sold stock under the name Heritage House, the name Humana was adopted in the 1970s and became a hospital-management chain. As time progressed, Humana began offering health plans to individuals outside of their hospitals by 1984. Now available in 30 states, Humana is one of the nation’s most common health insurance plans and most publicly traded names in health insurance.

Humana One plans in Nevada are available in a number of options, including copayment plans, Health Savings Accounts, temporary plans, and High-Deductible Health Plans. With more provider choices, you have both access to discounted care within the network as well as doctors and facilities outside of the network, with no need for referrals. Humana One members also receive special discounts on additional services such as vision care, chiropractic, massage therapy, and over-the-counter medications.




Humana One Health Plans in Nevada


Copay Plans

Offering coverage for major medical care and many other services, these plans are similar to employer-sponsored health insurance in that you can visit the doctor or urgent care facility, and purchase prescriptions for a copay. After meeting your deductible, the plan covers 80 percent of all services not offered for a copay, such as hospital care. Depending which plan you choose and how much you want to save, you can select a plan with unlimited office visits for a copay or one that covers only your first six.

Nevada Portrait Share 80 Plus Rx Unlimited Brochure

Nevada Autograph Share 80 Plus Rx Benefits


100% After Deductible Plans

For those who want the peace of mind of coverage in full when they reach their deductible, Humana One offers Nevada residents several High-Deductible Health Plans. Monogram is a lower cost plan with more affordable premiums and a deductible of $7500, and includes prescription coverage. Autograph Total Plus Rx/HSA plans are compatible with a Health Savings Account for more control over your medical expenses and financial responsibility. They offer the most benefits as they cover prescriptions. Autograph Total HSA plans are HSA-compatible though they do not offer a pharmacy benefit.

Nevada Monogram Brochure

Nevada Autograph Total Plus Rx/HSA Brochure

Nevada Autograph Total HSA Brochure


For more information about these plans and to look up rates in your area, fill out a quote. If you would rather speak with an agent, call us at 888 803 5917.