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Health Plan of Nevada

A UnitedHealthcare company and subsidiary of Sierra Health and Life, Health Plan of Nevada has been in business for 30 years, and offers the state’s top source of managed care. Health Plan of Nevada’s provider network includes 2,200 doctors, specialists, and other health care professionals, in addition to 210 hospitals and facilities. The company insures about 500,000 members throughout the state in both group and individual health insurance markets. As a part of UnitedHealth Group, Health Plan of Nevada offers an exceptional quality of care in an organized, wisely structured product.

Health Plan of Nevada has been widely recognized for their high quality service and products, including being accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) as “Commendable.” The state of Nevada chose Health Plan of Nevada to offer Medicaid products and services, and they were designated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to offer Medicare Advantage HMOs, Medicare Private Fee-For-Service plans, stand alone prescription drugs plans, and local and regional PPO programs.



Health Plan of Nevada Individual Plans


Distinct Advantage HMO

A plan that eliminates the need to meet a deductible, Distinct Advantage HMOs offer all types of care immediately for a copay. With affordable monthly premiums, these plans offer coverage through one network only and require members to choose a primary care doctor to manage their care. Copayments and coverage varies depending on the plan, though all cover prescriptions, major medical, and vision care, several also include maternity benefits.


Distinct Advantage POS

With several deductible options and out-of-network coverage, you get the advantages of a preferred provider plan, but with the cost savings closer to an HMO. These plans offer doctor’s office visits and all levels of prescriptions for a copay as soon as your coverage is effective. If you choose to use the Health Plan of Nevada HMO network for any form of medical care, you can receive the in-network copay rate, while other providers will contribute to your deductible and covered at 60 or 80 percent after deductible. Though a bit more complex, these plans are ideal for those who want more freedom in provider choices.


Health Plan of Nevada Brochure


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