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Incorporated in 1986 as Coventry Corporation, Coventry Health Care itself became a public company in 1991. Merging with and acquiring a number of companies over the past 26 years, Coventry Health Care has established itself as a strong national health insurance company. Focused on making the experience of buying and using health insurance simple to understand, Coventry concentrates on high quality service and creating a comfort level with your health plan. With years of proven knowledge and success, Coventry is well versed in creating new, innovative products and processes to make health care easier to obtain and afford. Their provider network includes more than 4,700 hospitals, over 580,000 doctors and other medical professionals, and more than 64,000 retail pharmacies throughout the nation.

Coventry Health Care of Nevada provides a range of PPO and HMO plans to individuals and families through Coventry One, with a growing customer base throughout the state. Their plans make it possible for Nevada residents to have access to affordable health coverage that is constantly being improved upon.

Coventry One offers PPO plans in Clark, Esmerelda Lincoln, and Nye counties, and HMOs in Clark (except for Mesquite and Laughling) and Nye (Pahrump only) counties. Service areas for HMO and PPO networks are zip code specific.

Coventry was purchased by Aetna in 2012, and in 2013 all Coventry members will be insured by Aetna.


Coventry One Health Plans in Nevada


Spectrum 100

The most comprehensive plans offered by Coventry One, these plans provide low deductibles, low office visit copayments, and a great number of benefits. 80 percent of your major medical expenses after meeting the deductible are covered by the plan, as well as preventive care for no cost when your plan begins. Spectrum 100 plans also include prescription benefits for a copay immediately.

Coventry One Nevada Spectrum 100 Details



Available in deductible options ranging from $2000 to $6000, Torch plans offer a traditional PPO plan structure with a variety of coverage for an affordable premium. These plans offer the comfort of unlimited office visits for a copay, as well as prescription drugs before you have satisfied the deductible. When the deductible is met, you pay 30 percent coinsurance for many hospital benefits, though some are offered for a copay including chiropractic care.

Coventry One Nevada Torch Details



TorchLight implies a lighter payment each month, designed for those who want to save on premiums while still receiving great quality medical care. Offered in a wide range of deductibles up to $10,000, these plans cover 50 percent of your care after deductible. Upfront benefits include generic prescriptions, urgent care, chiropractic, and unlimited visits to a primary care physician or specialist for a copay. For being “light,” these plans still cover a large number of services.

Coventry One Nevada TorchLight Details



A High-Deductible Health Plan with the option of connecting a Health Savings Account, Prism plans cover all types of care in full after the deductible is met. Deductible choices are $1,500, $2,000, $3,000, $4,000, and $5,000, giving many options for financial and health care freedom. Choose your own providers and decide how you want to manage your medical expenses and meet your deductible.

Coventry One Nevada Prism Details


Prism Choice

Providing coverage in full after deductible without the option of using an HSA, these High-Deductible plans offer several upfront benefits. Prior to reaching the deductible, plan members have access to unlimited primary care office visits, and generic prescriptions for a modest copay. For those who want the safety of a high deductible and the affordability of copays, Prism Choice also offers a few services after the deductible for a copay.

Coventry One Nevada Prism Choice Details


HMO Select Network

Select Network plans provide copays for doctor’s office visits, hospital care, and other types of medical care, making care extremely convenient, predictable, and affordable. When using an HMO, you must select a primary care provider to coordinate your care and use only in-network providers. Keeping all of your care in the Select Network HMO-HealthCare Partners network, members are able to spend less by using one network only. Each of these plans covers vision and dental care, and HMO Plan 4 covers maternity services. These plans are offered with out without a deductible.

Coventry One Nevada Select Network HMO Details

Coventry One Nevada Select Network HMO Deductible Details


Find Coventry One plans and look up rates in your region by filling out a quote. Call an agent for more information or to receive a quote over the phone at 888 803 5917.