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Las Vegas Health Insurance

The largest city in the state with 584,000 residents, Las Vegas features a metropolitan area with nearly 2 million inhabitants, making it more than a tourist attraction – or just a permanent one for some. Las Vegas, and its blinding lights viewable from outer space, run on the economic staple of our nation’s largest concentration of casinos, hotels, and ongoing entertainment. There are other regions in the city where locals are more likely to be found, including the Downtown Arts District with regular gallery walks. In contrast to the neon cityscape, Las Vegas also has many beautiful parks located throughout and surrounding the city.

Las Vegas residents have access to various health insurance companies including Sierra Health and Life, Health Plan of Nevada, Coventry, Aetna, Anthem, Humana, and UnitedHealthcare. As with airfare prices to get you gambling and seeing the Strip, health insurance in Las Vegas is very affordable. Not only are there a number of plans offering a benefit buffet for under $80 for certain applicants, but each option remains competitive in the $100 per month premium range. Plans range from Health Plan’s HMO with no deductible to numerous PPOs for most any budget.



Sample Las Vegas Health Insurance Quote

After running a quote for a a healthy 28-year-old male nonsmoking resident, it is difficult to choose the best plan among the options, as each carrier remains close in price and offers a great number of benefits. The lowest premium for this applicant came from Sierra Health and Life for an astounding $72 per month. To keep the selection process equal, PPO plans with a $2500 deductible (or close) were chosen, and from there a comprehensive plan for a low cost can be found. The SHL plan is ideal as it covers prescriptions, unlimited office visits, and 90 percent of major medical care after deductible.

Another plan for less than $100 is Coventry One’s Prism Choice, with a great level of coverage for $95 per month. For an HMO option, the Health Plan of Nevada plan is only $105 per month, and covers everything up front. This may be the best Las Vegas plan, as you will not have to meet a deductible and can receive all of your care for a predictable copay. It also covers maternity and vision benefits, unlike any of the competing PPOs.

Anthem also offers a good plan for this resident at $137 per month. Though a bit more expensive, it is a highly recommended plan and Anthem’s network is one of the largest in the state. Out-of-state coverage through your Anthem plan is also available in one of the nation’s most extensive provider networks. If provider options is a must for you when choosing a plan, this may be worth the extra $30. Aetna is also a good choice if all else fails, and $150 per month is still reasonable.

For a Las Vegas health quote specific to you, all you need is a few seconds online, or call on of our agents anytime if you prefer the phone at 888 803 5917. We are always happy to help you choose a plan, or just guide through the process.





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