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Henderson Health Insurance

Henderson is only five miles from Las Vegas, but offers a different quality of life for its residents. More laid-back and residential than it’s neighbor, Henderson is a popular resort destination and is flooded with golf courses, conference centers, and casinos. Supporting the tourism industry, Henderson offers plenty of attractions, shopping, and dining to satisfy vacationers, visitors, and residents. The town also includes art galleries, workshops, and other creative outlets int he Water Street Arts District. Acacia Park offers residents a beautiful garden and natural area to observe, though golf is the primary outdoor activity in Henderson. Nearby, however, residents can stay active and adventurous in the Grand Canyon or Red Rock Canyon National Parks, offering some of the most stunning terrain in the country.

Health insurance in Henderson is offered by the same great carriers serving Las Vegas, and as it is only 5 miles away, the same plans and rates apply. The market is one of the least expensive in the country, and offers both HMO and PPO plans. Coventry One and Health Plan of Nevada provide the HMO networks with very inclusive coverage, almost entirely comprised of copays for services. PPOs are more affordable, however, with great low cost plans from Sierra Health and Life. Compared to other states, the HMO plans are also quite reasonable. Health Plan of Nevada offers a zero deductible HMO from $122 for a 30-year-old male resident, for instance.



Henderson Sample Health Insurance Quote

To find the best value for individual coverage in Henderson, we ran a quote for a 40-year-old female resident. For her, the lowest premium for a benefit-rich plan is $188 from Sierra Health and Life. This plan offers unlimited office visits and all tiers of prescriptions for a copay, and covers 90 percent of major medical costs after deductible. This plan comes up as the most affordable in several demographics, and is a great one to consider as they have the UnitedHealthcare name and network behind them, while remaining a great local company.

Coventry is the next best deal at $207, which is a jump, but this plan covers most services at 100 percent after deductible. Primary and specialty care are included, as well as generic prescriptions, for a modest copay. After deductible, brand name drugs, chiropractic and emergency care are also covered for a flat rate. Both Sierra and Coventry offer great plans in this range for those who want upfront benefits.

Copay Select from UnitedHealthOne is also a good plan, but compared to the cost of the previous two, the only advantage to choosing this one would be for the deductible credit. If you don’t reach your deductible and you renew your plan the following year, your remaining balance will be applied to the next plan year. For the coverage, however, you would pay more each month and higher coinsurance, and brand name prescriptions are subject to a separate deductible.

The prices increase from here for coverage that is basically very similar, besides the HMO from Health Plan of Nevada. This plan is exceptional if you want all of your benefits upfront, no deductible, and copays for every service. If you also don’t mind spending the extra money on your premium, these are more fitting. However, those who are looking for value will likely favor the Sierra plan.

To find out your premium rates in Henderson, get a health insurance quote in a matter of seconds and compare rates between each of these insurers. Call a licensed Nevada agent for a one-on-one consultation at 888 803 5917.







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