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Elko Health Insurance

Located in the Northeast part of the state, Elko, Nevada is a small town filled with nature and minimal human impact. Elko is mainly known for its mountainous surroundings, including many parks and open spaces. The Lamoille Scenic Byway features canyons and glaciers along its path, and the Ruby Mountains and Ruby Valley Hot Springs also provide skiing, hiking, camping, and biking for its local inhabitants. Despite its size, Elko offers higher education at Great Basin College, houses several museums, and has a regional airport. The industry mostly consists of ranching, gold mining, and tourism, therefore not changing much since the town was founded over a century ago.

With a population of 18,546 and growing, there are still bound to be plenty of Elko residents without health insurance. If you are unable to afford a private health plan, it is worth a look into your state’s Medicaid program. Otherwise, if you do not receive health benefits through your employer, or are uninsured for any other reason, you have four great companies to choose from. The narrow selection makes Elko health insurance as simple as small town life should be. Just decide on a PPO from Anthem, Aetna, Humana, or UnitedHealthOne, and you will have access to various providers in your area.



Sample Elko Health Insurance Quote

After running a quote for a 38-year-old male resident of Elko, Anthem seems the most affordable option if this Elkoan wants as many benefits as possible. To separate the best deals from other plans, we chose a $2500 deductible, 80/20 coverage after deductible, and the necessity of benefits for a copay. As each plan with these criteria from all four insurers covers an unlimited number of doctor’s office visits, it is now a matter of monthly premiums and coinsurance to make a final decision.

Anthem offers 75 percent coverage, which is less than its competitors, though $149 per month is the lowest rate of the four. For $164 per month, this resident could choose UnitedHealthOne with a deductible credit, 20 percent coinsurance, and a comprehensive set of benefits. With one of the most trusted networks in the state, United is likely the best option for overall cost savings.

Humana One offers a plan that mirrors the United copay plan, though significantly more expensive each month. Of the two, United would be the top choice. Aetna’s full benefit MCOA is also a great health plan, combining HMO and PPO elements at $211 per month. If for some reason there is no other chance with the other options, Aetna would fulfill this resident’s needs sufficiently.

Below are each of the most affordable copayment PPO plans from each insurer in Elko. Rates vary based on each applicant, and will likely be different for you and your family. Fill out your own quote to view the monthly rates for these plans in your area. If you feel more comfortable speaking with a person, we have agents standing by to discuss your options at 888 803 5917.






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