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Carson City is Nevada’s capital, located on the state’s western edge and extending into Lake Tahoe along the California border. A small city with only 55,439 residents, Carson City remains the center of politics and the state’s government program headquarters. The Carson City area is ideal for nature lovers, with multiple state parks, ranches, and trails, the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, and three beaches along Lake Tahoe. Of course, the winter months also bring many visitors to the area for its ample skiing opportunities. There are also some historical roots represented in Carson City, with several museums documenting the longevity of the area and its progress. For a capital doubling as a resort area, the city is actually quite established with year-round residents, though with an unmistakeably small town feel.

Residents of Carson City not only have access to one of the nation’s most beautiful landscapes, but have an entirely different health insurance market than the larger Nevada cities. While Las Vegas has eight companies offering health plans, Carson City to the West only has four. With fewer health insurance companies and therefore overall plans to choose from, it is a more relaxed process to select a health plan in Carson City. The city has insurance plans from Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealthOne, and Humana for individual and family coverage. With a PPO network assigned to each company, Carson City residents can get the care they need from any provider of their choosing.



Sample Carson City Health Insurance Quote

As this was such a quick study, we ran sample quotes for a female and a male resident of Carson City, both age 28 and nonsmokers. These residents are looking for individual health plans with the most benefits for the least amount of money when paying for services and paying each month. Not impossible to find, actually, and for under $100 both can get a plan from UnitedHealthOne. However, that would be compromising any upfront benefits for a copay or unlimited office visits. The most affordable plan for both of these residents would be UnitedHealthOne’s Copay Select 80: $116 per month for him, and $153 for her.

The next best deal for both is from Anthem, with 25 percent coinsurance after deductible, and coverage for prescriptions and $35 office visits. Anthem offers the ability to connect your plan with a massive nationwide network, though United’s national network is also substantial. The Premier plan has a $7000 out-of-pocket maximum, which is also good protection against running out of coverage. A perk of the United plan in comparison is the ability to use your deductible as a credit for the next coverage year if you have not reached it by the end of the year. Between these two, it seems UnitedHealthOne is a better deal and more preferable option.

Aetna and Humana One plans vary for each of these residents, Aetna being more affordable for the male, and Humana One more affordable for the female. In terms of quality, network, and plan design, Aetna’s Managed Choice Open Access takes the prize. This plan is one of the most common plans in the country, as it successfully provides comprehensive coverage in a simple way. The Humana One plan is not much different than the United plan, so if you are going to spend on the same plan, you may as well choose the less expensive option.

Search rates for you and your family in Carson City by filling out your own quote. Call us at 888 803 5917 to speak with an agent and have find out more about plans from an experienced source of insurance knowledge.


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