East Coast Health Insurance has moved into the Nevada health insurance market and we are betting that we are going to love it! All very bad jokes aside health insurance in Nevada is of course a little different than the normal Humana, United, and Aetna that we usually peddle. Of course Nevada offers those great companies as well, but they also have an interesting company called Sierra Health and Life and some great unique Coventry health insurance plans as well.

Of course in Nevada there is also the usual great Aetna plans as well. Though Aetna has been running a little bit (ok in some cases a lot) more expensive then the other carriers, we are expecting a nice competitive rate adjustment in 2010. Of all the health insurance companies Aetna is our favorite for not only their great service but the fact that they have been taking more of our applicants then anyone else for years. In other words, give Aetna your tired and sick and they will cover them. This is probably why Aetna has been running a bit more expensive these days, but if Aetna were a person I believe it would be a saintly one.

Of course none of our personal feelings matter in the end as the fact is that East Coast Health Insurance has one distinct way of helping people get health insurance, and that is getting you the most health insurance we can for the least money. This can vary greatly across demographics so it is important to get quotes with every carrier no matter where you live and what your family size.

We recommend getting a custom health insurance quote by calling us at 888 803 5917 so that we can tailor a quote so that you can really understand how to compare a company. If you think you already do then by all means please visit our Nevada health insurance quote center now! But be warned: each company has about 100 different plans and Nevada has about a variety of health insurance companies depending where you are standing at that particular moment, so we advise you to call us if you have any questions whatsoever.

Nevada Health Insurance