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Public Assistance

Missouri is not exempt from contributing to our nation’s population of people in poverty. Many low income residents who are not technically living at the federal poverty level also struggle with affording health insurance coverage and medical care in general. This issue has been addressed in part by the state and federal government giving funding to the Medicaid program. Nonprofit health clinics also contribute to the lack of ability to pay for regular medical services, such as preventive care, screenings, diagnostic testing, and dental care.

Perhaps your income does not put you at poverty level, but instead you have a condition that prevents you from paying less than several hundred overcharged dollars each month based on a medical condition. This is clearly unaffordable for most people, and the state understands their underwriting laws are a bit loose when it comes to the look-back period and conditions. As an alternative, the Missouri Health Insurance Pool is a health plan offering reasonable, comprehensive coverage to individuals who have been turned away for coverage or rated up for their condition.

If you fall under either category, we hope the resources compiled on government-sponsored and free health insurance and care can help you find what you need in Missouri. It is important to be aware of your resources and the tools at your disposal if you are having difficulty getting coverage. Every resident of Missouri deserves access to health care, and to maintain a good, healthy quality of life.