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UnitedHealthOne plans are offered in nearly every state, as the individual health insurance division of UnitedHealthcare. Underwritten and administered by Golden Rule Insurance Company, UnitedHealthOne provides health insurance to millions of individuals and families throughout the nation. Golden Rule, a UnitedHealthcare company, has been insuring members on the individual level for over 65 years, offering comprehensive coverage and processing claims quickly. Receiving recognition from the health insurance industry’s most trusted examining organizations, Golden Rule has a rating of “A” (Excellent) from A.M. Best, and “A+” (Strong) from Standard and Poor’s.

Connected to UnitedHealthcare, UnitedHealthOne has several strengths, including the large provider network. United contracts with 704,966 physicians and medical professionals, and 5,580 hospitals, each offering a lower rate for plan members, whether in or out of your residential coverage area. UnitedHealthOne offers additional products to contribute to their medical plans, including dental, vision, critical illness, term life, and supplemental accident coverage. In Missouri, UnitedHealthOne provides access to their PPO network through each of their plans, including strong copay plans and several low cost options.




UnitedHealthOne Plans in Missouri


Copay Plans

With the highest level of coverage and first dollar benefits, these plans incorporate the convenience of copays with comprehensive coverage. Also offering 80 or 70 percent coverage after deductible on major medical services, copay plans cover hospital and emergency room services. At any time, you have access to a primary care physician or specialist office visits, and generic prescriptions for a copay. Copay Select plans provide an unlimited number of visits, while the Copay Select Value option offers less visits and higher cost sharing for a reduced premium.


High Deductible Health Plans

For those interested in saving on monthly premiums, a high deductible plan may be a good choice. The trade off is that your cost sharing is higher when you receive any medical service, as nothing except preventive care is covered for a reduced rate prior to deductible. When using in-network providers, your out-of-pocket will be a discounted rate, however. Once your deductible is met, your plan covers either 80 or 100 percent of physician and hospital services. Members can use a pharmacy discount card in order to lower their prescription costs.


Health Savings Account Plans

A high deductible plan with the ability to open a savings account specifically for medical expenses, HSAs from UnitedHealthOne offer either 100 percent of 70 percent coverage after deductible. The HSA 100 plan is the most comprehensive, including doctor’s office visits, and major medical services in one deductible. Prescriptions are covered by the Preferred Price Card, which gives discounts on generic, brand name, and other medications, with no charge after deductible with HSA 100 plans. HSA 70 is a better value in terms of monthly premiums, yet your cost sharing is higher once the deductible is met.


UnitedHealthOne Missouri Brochure


Compare rates in your area and find UnitedHealthOne plans in Missouri by filling out a quick health insurance quote. For more company information or to receive a quote over the phone, call an agent at 888 803 5917.