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Humana Inc. has been in the health care business for more than fifty years, and selling health insurance policies for nearly 30. Beginning with two lawyers in Louisville building a nursing home, they soon were hired to construct many other nursing facilities in other states. This led to the incorporation of their company as Extendicare, Inc., which also became publicly traded. Within a few years, the company was a successful hospital management chain, offering health care services and insurance to those in the hospitals. Humana was the name they gave to the chain, and in 1983, they released their health insurance products to the general public. Presently, Humana offers millions of residents in 30 states individual and family coverage, employee benefits, military and veteran insurance, and Medicare plans.

Offering individual coverage through Humana One, plans operate through the PPO method, thus giving many options for providers. The provider network offers lower rates for those seeking care with contracted doctors and facilities. Missouri residents have access to the full selection of Humana One, including copay plans, high deductible plans, and HSA-qualified coverage. As a member of Humana One, you also have the advantage of discounted rates on massage therapy, over-the-counter medications, vision services, and chiropractic care. A trusted company for many years, Humana One is a strong source of coverage for individuals and families.




Humana One Health Plans in Missouri


Copay Plans

A simplified approach to coverage, these plans offer the most first dollar benefits of any Humana One plan. Copay plans range from several covered office visits for a lower monthly premium to a higher premium and unlimited access to primary care and specialist services for a copay. These plans also cover urgent care and generic prescriptions not subject to the deductible. After meeting your deductible, your plan will cover 80 percent of major medical costs such as hospital stays and surgery. A separate deductible applies to brand name prescriptions.

Humana One Missouri Portrait Share 80 Benefits

Humana One Missouri Autograph Share 80 Plus Rx/Copay Benefits


100% After Deductible Plans

These plans provide a low premium with a higher deductible in order to save money from month to month, while offering numerous covered services. When your deductible has been satisfied, the plan covers each covered benefit in full. Until then, you either pay out-of-pocket or with funds from a health savings account. Certain plans like the Monogram, do not offer an HSA option, therefore being slightly lower in cost. Preventive care is available for no charge with in-network doctors at any time during the course of your coverage.

Humana One Missouri Monogram Benefits

Humana One Missouri Autograph Total Plus Rx/HSA Benefits

Humana One Missouri Autograph Total HSA


Browse the Humana One plans in your region and view personalized rates by getting a free health insurance quote. Call an agent for more information at 888 803 5917.