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Coventry Health Care is one of the leading health insurance companies in the nation, and has made a rapid upward climb since its origins. Established in 1986 as Coventry Corporation, the company became public in 1991, and each year they have purchased a new insurance company in different regions. Adding continual strength to their name through the number of companies they own, their success in the stock market, and their focus on quality, Coventry is one of the best insurance companies in each of its products. Coventry is responsible for Medicaid and Medicare plans in various states, employee benefits, and individual and family coverage.

The Coventry provider network contains over 580,000 physicians, more than 4,700 hospitals, and over 64,000 retail pharmacies nationwide. Individual coverage through Coventry One is offered in 25 states, including Missouri, and is an example of the detail and effort the company puts into making a health plan that anyone can comprehend. Their coverage in St. Louis, and all over Missouri is priced exceptionally well, and tends to surpass the competition for cost and benefits. Coventry Health Care of Missouri also covers significant territory in Illinois, which can be helpful for a greater number of in-network provider options.

Coventry was purchased by Aetna in 2012, and in 2013 all Coventry members will be insured by Aetna.


Coventry One (CHC Missouri) Plans


Coventry Health Care of Missouri covers the following counties in Missouri:

Adair, Audrain, Benton, Bollinger, Boone, Butler, Callaway, Camden, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Chariton, Cole, Cooper, Crawford, Dunklin, Franklin, Gasconade, Howard, Howell, Iron, Jefferson, Knox, Laclede, Lewis, Lincoln, Linn, Macon, Madison, Maries, Marion, Miller, Mississippi, Moniteau, Monroe, Montgomery, Morgan, New Madrid, Oregon, Osage, Ozark, Pemiscot, Perry, Pettis, Pike, Putnam, Ralls, Randolph, Reynolds, Ripley, Saline, Schuyler, Scotland, Scott, Shelby, St. Charles, St. Francois, St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Ste. Genevieve, Stoddard, Sullivan, Texas, Warren, Washington, Wayne.


Carelink from Coventry: High Performance Network

New in Missouri, Coventry offers plans which are a collaboration with Mercy Clinic for plan members residing in St. Louis city and Franklin, Jefferson, St. Charles, and St. Louis counties. The high-performance network plan includes top local providers and care coordination through your selected primary care physician, who is a part of the Mercy network.


Offered in several deductibles, Coventry One’s most comprehensive option for this region covers many benefits upfront and your cost sharing is minimized after meeting the deductible. These plans offer a great level of protection, as you may receive care from your primary care doctor or a specialist for a low copayment. Unlimited coverage is included for office visits, primary care physician e-visits, telemedicine, and wellness coaching, all before meeting your deductible. Preventive care is also covered in full, and hospital services of all varieties are covered at 80 percent.



The simplest and best value, Super Joe plans are a hybrid of copays and coinsurance, with a low monthly premium. Instead of coinsurance after you meet the deductible, you receive doctor’s office visits for a copay, including specialists, telemedicine, and radiology. At any time prior to meeting your deductible, wellness coaching is covered for a small copayment. Several major medical services are covered at 100 percent after deductible, and others for a copay, making it even easier to remember what you pay for each type of care. Out-of-network care is also covered, despite the HMO-inspired approach of the Carelink network.



With two deductibles to choose from, having an HSA-qualified high deductible plan is a less daunting task. Coverage is 100 percent after deductible on most every service, and preventive care is covered in full at any time before you reach that amount. Using your HSA to pay for services, you can build tax credit and when you use the funds, there is no tax being taken from your account. You may choose to contribute to your deductible by paying for qualified medical expenses out-of-pocket with your account. The same services covered with other Carelink Coventry plans are available with a QHDHP.


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Offered in the counties not featured in the Carelink network, these plans offer either 80 or 100 percent coverage after deductible. With unlimited office visits for a copay for primary care doctors and specialists, these plans offer the highest level of benefits available as soon as your plan begins. Out of network, you pay 50 percent coinsurance after deductible. These plans also offer emergency room coverage, urgent care, prescriptions, and even a few chiropractic visits for a copay. Providing the most coverage for the least amount of money, these are the ultimate Missouri PPO.



Available in three deductibles, these plans offer the value of the Coventry One “Super Joe” plan to residents of Missouri. Providing a lower premium, and reasonably low deductibles, these plans cover many types of care in full or for a copay after you meet the deductible. Once your deductible is met, you pay $30 for a PCP visit, $250 for emergency care, $20 for chiropractic, and have access to more types of prescriptions. Upfront benefits include generic drugs and preventive care to keep you healthy. These plans are a practical solution for coverage for healthy, budget-conscious individuals.



If you prefer taking financial responsibility for your medical expenses, why not make the most of it? By pairing your high-deductible health plan with a health savings account, you can receive tax benefits while paying for many kinds of care. Virtually every service is covered, from physician care to outpatient surgery and hospital stays, and once your deductible is met, will be available at no cost to you. Preventive care is offered at any time prior to your deductible in order to maintain your health and lower the need for major medical services.


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For more information on Coventry One in your area, or to find a plan that fits your needs, call us at 888 803 5917. Get a free, no obligation health insurance quote to see how affordable Coventry One plans are near you.