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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, or Blue KC, is the largest health insurer in the Kansas City region, providing residents of Missouri’s finest and largest city with personalized care for over 70 years. A nonprofit, independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, Blue KC maintains a unique relationship with the community in order to offer superior products. By focusing on wellness, Blue KC strives to incorporate better health into the lives of each member through its health insurance plans. Headquartered in downtown Kansas City, Blue KC covers the metropolitan area, as well as individuals, families, and businesses in a total of 32 counties surrounding greater Kansas City.

Beginning in 1938 as Blue Cross of Kansas City with seven hospitals in their network, the company grew to insure nearly 14,000 members and signed their first group policy. Several years later, Kansas City Blue Shield was created to offer prepaid plans for physician care, gaining fast momentum in a year’s time to cover over 14,000 members and 300 businesses. The companies merged in 1982 to form Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC), which is now the leading insurer in the area.

Individuals and families can receive coverage for an affordable cost through five different Blue KC plan designs. With some of the highest quality plans for the lowest rates in the area, it is hardly a surprise that Blue KC has become such a force in the Kansas health insurance market.



Blue KC Individual Plans

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Preferred-Care Blue Premium PPO

Traditional PPO coverage as the most comprehensive level possible, these plans offer unlimited office visits, prescriptions medications, and urgent care for a copay. Each plan covers preventive care in full, and emergency room visits for a $100 copay. Hospital care is covered at 80 percent after you reach the deductible, and non-network providers are also covered. For those who want as many benefits as possible, and access to a large array of providers, this group of plans is a great selection. Take care of yourself and your family with a deductible that fits your budget.

Blue KC Preferred-Care Blue Premium Benefits



A new product from Blue KC, Blue4U guarantees you will save $300 per year versus the competing companies. Geared towards an audience of money savers and those who have been confused by their health plan in the past, Blue4U is easy to use and understand. The first 5 office visits to a physician or urgent care facility are covered for a $40 copay, and an annual eye exam is included for $20. Prescriptions on Tier 1 are covered for a small copay, and additional tiers will be covered with a $500 deductible. These plans also cover hospital care and other services at 80 percent or in full, depending on your deductible.

Blue KC Blue4U Benefits



As indicated by the plan name, AffordaBlue is another plan built to allow for cost savings. With a low monthly premium and higher deductibles, these plans cover your first 5 physician’s office or urgent care visits for a $30 copay, and an annual eye exam. Covering generic prescriptions only, these plans offer a balance of upfront benefits and monthly savings for the right combination of budgeting and planning ahead. Hospital care such as outpatient surgery, emergency room visits, and inpatient stays are all included in the deductible. Preventive care is available at any time, not subject to your deductible for no additional cost.

Blue KC AffordaBlue Benefits



A minimal plan with coverage for emergencies and other unexpected medical needs, RateSaver covers doctor’s office visits and urgent care for a copay (in certain deductible levels), unlike many other plans of this nature. Though prescriptions are not covered, this plan is mainly intended for healthy people who want the protection of a basic health insurance plan for a low cost. While benefits such as maternity care a prescriptions are omitted from coverage, the essentials like preventive care, hospital stays, surgery, and diagnostic visits are covered. RateSaver may be right for those who rarely use the doctor, but want a safety net just in case.

Blue KC RateSaver Benefits



The standard high-deductible option from Blue KC, this plan is HSA-compatible for tax savings and very low premiums. BlueSaver plans enable members to use the health savings account feature, which can be opened at any bank you choose, and used to meet the deductible with qualified medical costs. The funds will not be taxed when used, and you get to keep the money in the account until it has been used completely. These plans cover preventive care in full as soon as your plan begins, and all other medical services contribute to the deductible.

Blue KC BlueSaver Plan Benefits


Get a quote to find out which Blue KC plan is right for you, if coverage is offered in your area, and how much your premiums will cost. Call a licensed agent for further information on why to choose Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City at 888 803 5917.