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Aetna has remained on the top tier of insurance companies ever since its establishment in 1853 in Hartford, Connecticut. A leading source for insurance products such as medical, dental, life, pharmacy, disability, and employee benefits, Aetna serves over 18 million customers through their health insurance products. Aetna’s continually growing network of providers is currently comprised of more than 1 million health care professionals, including 587,000 primary care doctors and specialists, and more than 5,400 hospitals. In addition to health insurance members, Aetna insures 13.6 million members with dental plans, and 8.8 million members through pharmacy coverage.

Aetna has also recently acquired Coventry Health Care, and will be expanding to include government health plans such as Medicaid and Medicare, and providing an even wider network for millions more Americans next year. The company’s stability, technology, and increasing level of membership have created a successful organization with an increasing customer base. In addition to the quality of operating their business for many years and adapting to current needs, Aetna is dually effective at providing a sensible health insurance policy. Individuals and families in Missouri have their selection of PPO plans of the traditional (Open Access Managed Choice) or minimalist (Preventive and Hospital Care) designs, with many deductibles to fit your budget.




Aetna Individual Plans in Missouri

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Open Access Managed Choice

Pairing the organization of an HMO with the freedom of a PPO, Managed Choice members have the option of using a primary care physician and receiving in-network care, though also are able to choose a non-network provider. Several of these plans are comprehensive and provide copays on services before reaching your deductible, while others offer the ability to open a health savings account with a high deductible plan. Whether you want the protection of upfront benefits or the low premiums and tax advantages of an HSA, Open Access Managed Choice connects you to the coverage you need.

Aetna Missouri OAMC 2500 Benefits

Aetna Missouri OAMC 5000 Benefits

Aetna Missouri OAMC High Deductible 3500 Benefits

Aetna Missouri OAMC High Deductible 5500 Benefits

Aetna Missouri OAMC Value 5000 Benefits

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Preventive & Hospital Care

An HSA-qualified plan for those who prefer a lower monthly premium and a very low level of coverage, members receive preventive care covered at 100 percent whenever using an in-network provider. Hospital care is offered at full cost until your deductible is met, and your plan provides 80 percent coverage on major medical services when you have reached your annual deductible. Limited services are covered, including chiropractic, outpatient surgery, emergency care, ambulance, hospitalization, and a few other services. Physician visits other than preventive care will not be covered.

Aetna Missouri Preventive & Hospital Care 2750 HSA Benefits


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