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St. Louis Health Insurance

St. Louis houses a 630-foot metal arch in the midst of its skyline, and contains many significant American industries and corporations within. On top of the booming industry in St. Louis, there is a great affinity for professional sports, and recreation is also appreciated, as the city contains several parks within its limits. Forest Park is home to a large handful of the cultural attractions in St. Louis, including the city’s art and history museums, science center, and the oldest and largest outdoor theater in the nation.

St. Louis also has a temperate climate, making it easy to take advantage of nearby recreational opportunities via rivers, parks, and conservation areas. On the other end of the spectrum, the riverfront is filled with an active nightlife, furnished in part by the Anheuser-Busch Brewery headquarters, an important benefactor of the city.

Health insurance in St. Louis is different than the western part of the state, with companies like Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Coventry and their Carelink products, Humana, UnitedHealthcare, and Aetna. Remaining as affordable as the rest of the state, premiums are still very low for a large city. In various demographics, plans are extremely inexpensive compared to other areas. For instance, a 30-year-old male can get a plan for as low as $87 per month from Anthem with all the bells and whistles of  a solid comprehensive plan.

To find your perfect match for health insurance coverage, fill out a quick quote and compare each of your St. Louis PPO options.



Sample St. Louis Health Insurance Quote

After running a quote for a healthy 42-year-old male resident of St. Louis, Anthem is the most appealing plan for the money, as the premium is only $134. For their most benefit-rich plan with unlimited office visits for a copay, Premier Plus is a great deal in this city. The clear winner over all the other plans, as non come close in premium, this plan offers a $30 copay for primary care and $40 for specialist office visits, and covers generic prescriptions before deductible.

For $20 more, Aetna’s Open Access Managed Choice plan is nearly identical to Anthem, though it has higher copays for office visits, and a higher deductible for additional types of prescriptions. Very close in cost to the Aetna plan is another great option through Coventry One, which is their most comprehensive PPO in this range. For $156 per month, this resident has access to a large network, all prescription tiers for a copay without a deductible, and $30 PCP visits. The out of pocket maximum for each of these plans is $5000 including the $2500 deductible.

Between Coventry and Aetna, this resident gets more with Coventry for an extra $4 per month. Compared to what will be saved with the copays and prescriptions included, it would surely pay off the premium difference. The best plan overall is Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, as their monthly rate is far less than the competition, and the benefits are about the same, if not superior.

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