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St. Joseph Health Insurance

St. Joseph, Missouri was famously the home of Jesse James and the Pony Express, and with such roots, it has been named the “Top Western Town” by True West magazine. The city’s history is displayed among the various preserved historical buildings throughout, and its museums and homes reflect the town’s impact on the frontier age and expansion of the country. Those who live in St. Joseph can tour the area on the St. Joseph Parkway by bike or hiking, or visit Krug Park for a larger piece of nature in the city limits. A lively community, St. Joseph maintains a small town feel while offering an assortment of entertainment, from the Saint Joseph Symphony to the local bars filled with country music.

Health insurance in St. Joseph is similar to its nearby neighbor, Kansas City, with the benefit of coverage from Blue KC, among other top insurers. Aetna, Celtic, UnitedHealthcare, Coventry Health Care of Kansas, and Humana also offer individual and family health plans in St. Joseph. With very affordable premiums, this is yet another great Missouri city to live in for personal health insurance coverage. Comprehensive plans start at $90 per month for a male resident in his early 30s, with a $2500 deductible and copays. Regardless of your age or gender, you can find a great health plan in St. Joseph for a low cost.

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Sample St. Joseph Health Insurance Quote


A 45-year-old married couple searching for health plan coverage on their own has some very fine options to choose from in St. Joseph. After running a quote for these two, there are plans for as little as $307 per month for the both of them from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City, though the AffordaBlue plan only covers your first 5 visits to the doctor. For a more all-encompassing plan, the lowest premium for the most benefits is offered by UnitedHealthOne at $369 per month. Compared to the other companies, the benefits they would receive with a Copay Select 80 plan is the best deal.

Due to the price increase it seems the other plans are not worth mentioning, though for the sake of quality, they are very much so. Coventry One offers a great plan (excluding brand name prescriptions, however) for $450 per month for this couple. Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Preferred Care Blue Premium plan covers office visits with a primary care doctor, specialist, or outpatient lab and X-ray work for a copay, as well as maternity care, chiropractic, and all the regular bells and whistles of a comprehensive plan. Having received such stellar company reviews, any resident of this area should take advantage of coverage from Blue KC.

How much will these plans cost you and your family? Find out by filling out a quick health insurance quote and comparing every possible plan in our quote engine. Also, you can call us to discuss the benefits of one company or another, or simply receive a quote by phone at 888 803 5917.






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