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Joplin, Missouri is the twelfth-largest city in the state and southwestern Missouri’s hub for commerce, medicine, and education. Located in Jasper County, near the Ozark Mountains and the Four-State region including Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma, the city has about 50,559 residents according to the most recent census. Devastated by a tornado in 2011, the city has experienced a strong revitalization and is getting back on its feet. Many historical sites are strewn throughout the area, as well as natural attractions like the Crystal Cave and the Mineral Museum, paying homage to the area’s mining history.

Joplin’s community convenes for events like Boomtown Days and the Wildcat Glades Conservation Center Water Festival. An interesting stop along Route 66, Joplin also offers many outdoor activities in the nearby waterfalls, caves, lakes and parks for its residents to enjoy, and several centers for higher education.

When searching for individual coverage in Joplin, you have several affordable options as you live in one of the lowest-cost areas of the country. Coventry One offers several plans that combine upfront benefits with a low premium for a moderate deductible of $2,500, making it easy to find a good plan for a reasonable cost. Compared to other plans in the area, residents of Jasper County can get a much better deal with this company than others, though carriers like UnitedHealthOne and Humana are also priced well and provide a comprehensive set of benefits. As rates vary from person to person, it is best to run your own quote for a better idea of the full range of plans offered in your area.

Joplin Missouri Health Quotes

Sample Joplin Health Insurance Quote

A forty-year-old male resident of Joplin can find some very good deals on coverage, including any variety of $2,500 deductible Coventry One plans. Their least expensive plan starts at $107 per month, with copays for generic drugs, specialist visits, and primary care doctors. While this is a “generic only” plan, it provides nearly everything you get with a 80/20 plan that also includes a pharmacy deductible, but for at least $50 per month less in this area.

Other plans from Coventry include the SJ PPO, which has 90 percent coverage after deductible, covers both generics and brand names upfront, and covers ER visits for $250 after deductible. Other plans in the $2,500 range are a bit more expensive, with UnitedHealthOne’s Copay Select 80 plan starting at $165 per month for this resident. Much like the Coventry comprehensive PPO, this plan covers primary care and specialist visits for a copay, generic drugs, and 80 percent of major medical care after deductible. Coventry’s most benefit-rich plan also includes a $250 copay for emergency care immediately, however, for $143 per month, and thus is the better deal.

Basically the same plan as UnitedHealthOne is also offered by Humana One, though copays for specialist visits are more expensive with Humana. A large difference between these two plans, is the annual out-of-pocket limit, which is $10,000 with UnitedHealth and $2,000 with Humana, meaning a policyholder is more likely to reach that limit and receive 100 percent coverage with the latter plan. UnitedHealthOne has a high MOOP because they also offer a deductible credit, where you can roll over your deductible balance to the next plan year, if you choose to renew.

Additional coverage is also offered through Aetna and Anthem, which may be more affordable for different ages and genders in Joplin, so it is worth a look at your own rates to see which plans are priced more optimally. Get a quick quote, and view all your options in Jasper County, or call us at 888 803 5917.





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