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Columbia Health Insurance

Columbia, Missouri is the major metropolis of central Missouri, home to the University of Missouri, and known for being one of the most highly educated regions in the country. Attractions in Columbia are centered around education and culture, including various museums funded by the University and other sites. A lively community, Columbia comes together each year for Art in the Park, the Fall Festival of the Arts, the Heritage Festival, and other art and music events. The city also has a few beautiful parks in its midst, including four state parks nearby.

With an economy strong in healthcare and insurance also, individual health insurance is a reasonably priced, important commodity in Columbia. Companies offering plans in the area include Coventry, UnitedHealthOne, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Aetna, and Celtic. In Columbia, Coventry offers their SJ PPO value plan with unlimited PCP visits for a very low rate and 100% coverage after deductible, a combination which is not matched by any of the other carriers. Regardless of your age, this plan will cost very little. In fact, Coventry offers many affordable options in Columbia (all within $90-120 for a 30-year-old male). United and Anthem are close behind in most demographics, offering comprehensive plans with equally agreeable rates.




Sample Columbia Health Insurance Quote

A 32-year-old applicant from Columbia who is in good health has access to a myriad of great health plans from top carriers for less than $100 per month. If you stray outside of the general guidelines we chose for the plan comparison below, there are plans starting at $89 from United and Anthem with upfront benefits, though the coinsurance is 30 percent. Otherwise, if you examine the plans offered with 80/20 coverage and unrestricted copays, this resident can pay $105 per month with Coventry One.

This PPO is full of benefits, some of which you may not need but are great to have in case you do, such is the point of buying health insurance. One of the greatest attributes of this plan is the availability of all prescription tiers immediately for copay. Every other Columbia plan has a separate deductible of $250 or $500. Also, Coventry offers emergency care for a $250 copay – no coinsurance, no deductible. This plan is definitely an exception to the rest of the normal PPOs in this group.

As expected from a city where medicine and insurance are key industries, each of these plans is quite close in cost. The benefit structures are also very similar. The next lowest premium is provided by UnitedHealthOne for $117 per month. Their network is large, and the benefits are similar to the Coventry plan, except for pharmacy, as generics are covered upfront and other types are covered after deductible. For $3 more, Anthem offers lower copays for office visits and a lower deductible for prescriptions.

This resident should undoubtedly choose Coventry One in this instance, through Anthem is a strong second choice. Find out how low your premiums could be in Columbia by filling out a health insurance quote. You can compare these copay plans and many more in an instant. Not in the mood to sift through carriers and plans? Let us do the work. Call an agent at 888 803 5917.






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