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Missouri is a mixture of large cities, small towns, and populations that fall somewhere in between. The six million Missouri residents have many health insurance options with  companies and plan designs, all of which will have a different premium based on individual health characteristics and factors. Residence is another factor which can change your plan choices and rates considerably. Certain companies are only sold in particular regions, while others remain consistent throughout the state.

In this section, we help clear the path for choosing the most sensible and cost effective health insurance plans, while also giving a fair assessment of each region’s individual market. Describing each city or town we profile in personality and health insurance, we run a sample quote for individuals applying for a $2500 health plan with copays and 80/20 coinsurance to keep the competition on equal terms. These plans are not going to have the lowest premiums, but we will choose the best deal, describe why certain plans would be the wisest decision for this applicant, and so on.

Maintaining current data, we always provide the most recent quotes so to give a relevant viewpoint of individual plans in your neighborhood. However, things can change from month to month in health insurance. Get a quote to view all of the individual and family plans offered in your area of Missouri, with rates that reflect your potential premiums.






1. Image: ExploreStLouis.com