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Minnesota Family Planning Program

The Minnesota Family Planning Program offers care to men and women between age 15 and 50 who are not enrolled in any full-benefit state medical assistance program, such as MA or MinnesotaCare. These services are essential for those who want to continue living healthy and safe, without bringing any more lives into the world. There are income limits to qualify, which are based on the size of a person’s household, though if a person lives with their parents, they do not have to provide information about their parents’ income.

This program covers a variety of services necessary for birth control and family planning. Focused on providing not only supplies and exams but health education to those who participate, the family planning program creates an outlet for free reproductive health care. Another plus of the program is that persons between ages 15 and 18 are not required to get an adult’s permission to enroll or use any services. The Minnesota Family Planning Program is respectful, confidential, and does not ask about other health insurance an individual may have.


MFFP Eligibility

In order to qualify for family planning services only, you must be a Minnesota resident, a U.S. citizen or qualified immigrant, between age 15 and 50. Women who apply cannot be pregnant, and no one who has MinnesotaCare or Medical Assistance coverage will be able to apply, as these services are covered with both of those programs.

Income guidelines are as follows based on who lives with you and how much overall income is earned, with the exception of those living with parents. Those who have income over the stated limits will not be able to receive family planning coverage.


Family Planning 200% FPL

Family of 1: $1,862 monthly, $22,344 yearly

Family of 2: $2,522 monthly, $30,264 yearly

Family of 3: $3,182 monthly, $38,184 yearly

Add $660 per member for households over 3 persons.


Covered Services

MFFP will cover 100 percent of the service cost for most family planning and wellness services through certified MFPP providers. When you visit one of these providers, you will be able to receive various methods of birth control, screenings for HPV and other STDs, physical exams, sterilizations such as tubal ligation and vasectomy, diagnosis and treatment for sexually transmitted infections discovered during a family planning visit, and information on how to stay healthy. The MFFP does not cover abortion costs.


How to Apply

For those who need immediate access to care, you can apply at a Family Planning Services  provider or clinic and apply for a short-term plan that covers one month of family planning services. Coverage begins as soon as you complete the application and ends one month later, and to continue benefits you must apply for the full program. Use ApplyMN to apply online, or print and fill out a paper application to send to your local health department.


Minnesota Health Care Programs application (PDF)



Minnesota Family Planning Program

Find a Certified MFFP Provider

Contact MFFP

651-431-3480 or 888-702-9968





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