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Public Assistance

The state of Minnesota provides a way out of high cost health care for low-income residents. With the most lenient of Medicaid income guidelines, programs provided by nonprofit organizations, and health clinics, if you can’t afford to buy a health insurance plan in Minnesota, you have several other options. There are always uninsured residents, no matter what state you live in, and Minnesota may have less because its programs are more accepting. Minnesota has the third lowest uninsured population in the country, at 8.9 percent for 2011. This proves the effectiveness of their pubic programs like Medicaid, despite their lack of funding.

The Medical Assistance program in Minnesota helps many residents, including a monthly average of 733,000 people in 2012. Seventy-five percent of those Minnesotans were children, families, and pregnant women – and adults without children, a category not usually covered by most state Medicaid programs. Adults without children with income less than or equal to 75 percent of the Federal Poverty Level have been able to access the program for nearly two years. The remaining portion of those covered by MA were elderly or disabled.

For those on Medicaid or Minnesotans without insurance, there are several clinics located throughout the state for low cost medical care. View a list of every Federally Qualified Health Center, rural clinic, and Planned Parenthood health center offering services in various regions.

This section is a resource for Minnesota residents in need of coverage and care whose income restricts them from buying a regular health plan, or they do not have access to employer-sponsored coverage. With the changes constantly occurring in health insurance, it is important to know what your available options are for insurance plans and medical care that you can afford.