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Founded in 1975 as Physician’s Health Plan, which was the first open-access health plan in the state, the company became Medica in 1991 after PHP merged with Share. Several years later, Medica merged with HealthSpan to provide health insurance and medical services through the Allina Health System. In 2001, Medica became an independent health insurer, which now covers 1.5 million residents of Minnesota, and certain counties in Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Coverage is available to employers, individuals, third-party administrators, and members of public health plans.

Medica’s largest regional provider network consists of 27,000 providers at over 4,000 offices, hospitals, and clinics. Medica also raises money to support health in the community, through company workers and the Medica Foundation, who have provided $2.47 million in grants to help various residents in the Greater Minnesota area access health care and wellness programs. The Medica Research Institute was also established to improve the provider system, increase member awareness of their health, and other projects to continue a high quality of service. The company was also ranked the top plan in Minnesota by U.S. News, especially the individual plans – with 87 percent receiving a 5 star rating.



Medica Plans in Minnesota



Designed for one plan member or families, these plans provide a low cost source of coverage with either 80 or 100 percent coverage after deductible. A high deductible plan, premiums are low, and several upfront benefits are included. The first three office visits are covered for a copay, which varies based on the level of coverage you choose. Urgent care, retail clinics, emergency room visits, and generic prescriptions are also covered for a copay, while hospital services remain under coinsurance.

Medica Solo Brochure



These plans are available for one or two members under the same coverage, with unlimited office visits and urgent care services for either $20 or $40. Convenience care center services are also covered for an unlimited number of visits for a $10 copay, and Tier 1 drugs are $10. With many upfront benefits, Encore plans are a great option for individuals and couples. Hospital care, diagnostic work, and emergency services are all covered in full once your deductible is met. Eyewear is also a covered service with Encore plans.

Medica Encore Brochure



Open to both families and individuals, Symphony plans are even more comprehensive than the Encore, offering all the same immediate benefits, and more. Unlimited office and convenience care center visits are covered at copay, as well as generic prescriptions. Emergency care and urgent care are covered for a copay on your first visit, and then 100 percent after deductible with all other hospital services. Maternity coverage is also offered with Symphony plans, though a 12 month waiting period applies.

Medica Symphony Brochure


Symphony for HSA

Offering either 80 or 100 percent coverage, these plans provide every service the Symphony offers, but no upfront benefits. By funding your own health savings account, you begin to take charge of your medical costs by using tax-advantaged money to pay for qualified services. These plans offer preventive care coverage prior to meeting the deductible, and all other services, from office visits and retail clinics to surgery and pregnancy, are subject to your annual amount.

Medica Symphony for HSA Brochure


Interested in Medica health insurance coverage? Get an instant comparison of premium rates for each of these plans and other carriers in a quote. Call an agent for more information at 888 803 5917.