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HealthPartners is based in Bloomington, in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region, and serves the community of their Twin Cities and the state of Minnesota with various health insurance policies for different members. Formed as a cooperative in 1954, HealthPartners is a nonprofit organization who values growth, and currently insurers 1.4 million members including one in four Twin Cities metro area residents. HealthPartners also has an Institute for Education and Research facilitating about 200 research projects at a time, and training for medical professionals in quality improvement and continuing education programs.

Their regional network contracts with over 38,000 physicians in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota, including 15,000 physicians and 4,000 clinics in Minnesota. HealthPartners has all the necessary awards and accreditations to be considered legitimate, having been included in the top 25 private health plans in the nation, and #1 commercial health plan in Minnesota based on the NCQA Health Insurance Plan Rankings 2011-2012. Their accreditation from the NCQA is “Excellent” for both commercial and Medicare coverage.



HealthPartners Plans in Minnesota



Covering your first four office visits or urgent care services for a copay and unlimited visits to the HealthPartners virtuwell 24/7 online clinic for free, these plans provide a low premium with first dollar coverage. Generic prescriptions are also covered for copay, unless you choose a different prescription plan, and your first emergency room visit is covered at a $250 copay. After deductible, these plans covered 80 or 100 percent of your hospital and physician services. Preventive care is free and not subject to the deductible. These plans are ideal for those who want to stay healthy and save money simultaneously.

HealthPartners Compass Brochure



These plans offer 70/30 coinsurance after deductible on major medical and diagnostic care, with your choice of generics only or a broader prescription plan. The first four office visits are covered at copay, and you pay 30 percent coinsurance after deductible for urgent care or physician services. Also a fairly low cost plan, Peak plans are available with higher deductibles. More upfront benefits include emergency care for a $250 copay on your first visit, and unlimited access to the online virtuwell clinic for free.

HealthPartners Peak Brochure



Though the majority of benefits are covered by coinsurance and subject to the deductible, these plans are considered the most comprehensive from HealthPartners. Only preventive care is offered for free before your deductible is met, and every other service, including office visits, the virtuwell clinic, lab and X-ray, hospital care, maternity care, and emergency room visits are either 20 percent or zero coinsurance after deductible. Ideal for those who want access to more services and are prepared for cost sharing in the meantime, Traditional plans have a higher premium and six deductible options.

HealthPartners Traditional Brochure – Area 1 Rates (Twin Cities, Central, NE MN)

HealthPartners Traditional Brochure – Area 2 Rates (Rochester area)

HealthPartners Traditional Brochure – Area 3 Rates (Duluth & Other MN counties)



These plans are compatible for use with an HSA for tax-advantaged spending on medical care. Offering similar benefits to the traditional plan, a different set of deductibles and 100 percent coverage when they are met apply to Empower plan benefits. Also covering maternity, hospital care, prescriptions, physician care, and telemedicine, all services apply to the deductible. Preventive care is no cost to members at any time before the deductible, providing support for staying healthy.

HealthPartners Empower Brochure – Area 1 Rates (Twin Cities, Central, NE MN)

HealthPartners Empower Brochure – Area 2 Rates (Rochester area)

HealthPartners Empower Brochure – Area 3 Rates (Duluth & Other MN counties)


To view rates for HealthPartners plans in your area, get a health insurance quote or call an agent at 888 803 5917.