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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota started in 1933, as the first “Blue” health plan – a grouping of seven hospitals in St. Paul, which established the nation’s first prepaid health care network. Shortly thereafter, the Blue Cross logo was introduced, and the network was the first to be titled Blue Cross. The logo was then used by the national Blue Cross Association within a few years, and the Minnesota company began what is now one of the world’s largest organizations for health insurance.

With 2.7 million members, BCBSMN provides health insurance to one in three Minnesota residents, with coverage in every county. Their provider network includes over 97 percent of the physicians and hospitals throughout the state. Nationwide, over 90 percent of hospitals are Blue Cross and Blue Shield contracted providers, as well as 80 percent of physicians, giving broad access when out-of-state. As a nonprofit, BCBSMN has done much work to create a healthier Minnesota, including more than $25 million in donations since 1986, and $10 million to the Prevention Minnesota initiative to improve access to healthy foods, design walking and biking areas, and reduce tobacco use.

Individual and family plans from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota give all members access to a health club discount for $20 per month, and some plans offer a $100 discount on your annual rate for meeting four health goals. Every plan gives you the option of choosing between two networks: Aware and Blue Performance. If you live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, you have access to the Blue Performance Enhanced network. With various plans for cost effectiveness and coverage, BCBSMN provides a great number of choices for Minnesotans.



BCBSMN Individual Health Plans


Personal Blue

The most comprehensive plan available, Personal Blue offers the benefit of a predictable copayment for office visits and generic prescriptions, and 80/20 coinsurance or 100 percent coverage after deductible. Choose between the Blue Aware or Blue Performance networks depending on your spending preference, as both connect members to the same broad choice of Minnesota providers. With many deductible options, you can select a combination of coverage and costs to fit your needs. Members who use the incentive program can receive $100 back for meeting four health goals throughout the year.

Personal Blue 80: Aware Network Benefits

Personal Blue 80: Blue Performance Network Benefits

Personal Blue 100: Aware Network Benefits

Personal Blue 100: Blue Performance Network Benefits



One of the most affordable plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, these plans give you access to two different networks, and 100 percent coverage after deductible. Instant benefits include generic drugs for a $10 copay, and your first urgent care visit for a $40 copay. Hospital services and physician office visits are included in your deductible, with discounted rates for choosing an in-network provider. Choose the Blue Aware network for great selection, or the Blue Performance network for more payment options for the same providers.

GoBlue: Aware Network Benefits

GoBlue: Blue Performance Network Benefits


Simply Blue

A balance of low costs and upfront benefits, Simply Blue plans cover your first three office visits for a copay, preventive care for free, and gives you two options for prescription coverage. Choose generics only for a copay, or get generics and brand names subject to a deductible. Emergency care is covered at a $250 copay for your first visit, and urgent care is a $100 copay before deductible. Three deductible options keep Simply Blue plans easy to decide between, and health club discounts included with your plan contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Simply Blue: Aware Network Benefits

Simply Blue: Blue Performance Network Benefits


Healthy Blue

For individuals only, this plan is designed for those who want affordable coverage and the additional benefits of being a BCBSMN member. First dollar benefits include two retail health clinic visits for a $25 copay, generic prescriptions for $10, and preventive care for no cost. Fitness club discounts are available to pair with the Healthy Incentives program to help members meet their health goals for an annual rate credit. Major medical coverage is also included with emergency and hospital care for inpatient and outpatient services.

Healthy Blue: Aware Network Benefits

Healthy Blue: Blue Performance Network Benefits


Options Blue

This HSA-qualified plan offers the ability to create a savings fund for your medical expenses and receive comprehensive coverage in full when your deductible is met. While working towards your deductible, you have access to preventive care services for free with any provider in your chosen network. Members of the Options Blue plan also receive the health club discount. Health savings accounts are tax free, and allow you a way to reduce your premiums while taking responsibility for your health care costs.

Options Blue: Aware Network Benefits

Options Blue: Blue Performance Network Benefits


For more information on Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota plans call a licensed agent at 888 803 5917. Fill out a quote to compare rates for these plans in your area.