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With only a few health insurance companies in Minnesota, your decision between plans is much more simple than in other states. There are four main carriers worth buying from, all of which offer Preferred Provider Organization plans, though plans vary greatly between companies. Minnesota is one of only states with an individual market comprised of exclusively regional carriers, all of which are nonprofit organizations. Each carrier provides a great level of coverage, personal attention to health and wellness for its members, and very user-friendly websites for managing your plan and medical care.

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Health Insurance in Minnesota


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, which offers a community-oriented approach to health insurance. More Minnesota residents use BCBSMN than any other private health insurer, which was the very first “Blue” plan in the nation, and remains the largest plan in the state. BCBSMN has the most expansive provider network in Minnesota, and offers many great products and services.


HealthPartners is a nonprofit, consumer-governed health care organization – the largest in the nation of its kind. The organization offers a vast network of contracted physicians, hospitals, and facilities, and the company also sells plans in three other states. One of their largest networks is located in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, though providers are also available throughout the state. With affordable coverage and extra services for members, HealthPartners makes sure your health plan is customized to your needs.


Medica is based in Minnesota and provides various plans to 1.5 million members in the various states for which they offer coverage. More than 96 percent of Minnesota health care providers are part of Medica’s largest network, and other health plans with access to a national network of 660,000 providers, as well as smaller networks for a lower cost plan.


PreferredOne is a newer health plan compared to the others, despite over 25 years of business in Minnesota and five other states. A company based in the Twin Cities area, PreferredOne has received numerous awards for its great services throughout the years, including the Wellness by Design Award in 2012. Their services are available to group policy members, third-party administrators, and individuals and families, with a sizable network to work with.