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Twin Cities Health Insurance

Minneapolis and Saint Paul are the largest cities in the state, and create the most populous metropolitan area in Minnesota. Producing many recognized residents in film, stage, and music, the Twin Cities area has been well known for arts and entertainment. A healthy, progressive, and environmentally-conscious region, Minneapolis and St. Paul offer many outdoor activities and are great enthusiasts of biking, running, and unique sports such as pond hockey. Thanks to the influence of health care organizations and more so a general appreciation for wellness, residents of the area have access to extensive park systems, and many outlets for healthy, local foods.

Despite their various differences, individual health insurance is exactly the same for residents of either city and the surrounding suburbs. All four of the companies represented in the state of Minnesota sell plans in the Twin Cities, as would be expected. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, HealthPartners, PreferredOne, and Medica each bring their own flavor of PPO to the table. Premiums in Minneapolis-St. Paul are average in comparison to much of the country, though low cost plans can still be had. A 30-year-old resident (male or female) in Saint Paul can purchase a plan with a few copay office visits for $98 per month with a $2500 deductible, for instance.



Sample Minneapolis-St. Paul Health Insurance Quote

For a better idea of the most affordable health plans available in the Twin Cities, we consulted our quote engine by using a 40-year-old female applicant. There are plans available from PreferredOne from $125 per month, but only the first 3 office visits are covered. This plan does offer generic prescriptions, three office visits, and unlimited online and retail clinic visits for a copay before deductible.

The next lowest premium is HealthPartners, which still limit your office visits to four for $133 per month, though providing unlimited Virtuwell (online) visits for free. The deductible is $2000 with a $2500 out-of-pocket maximum, so this my also be a good choice for those who want to balance benefits with a low premium. In certain cases, the online visits could make up for the lack of regular office visit coverage. There is also a $250 copay for emergency care, and overall this is a good plan for cost savings.

Many times you will not see the unlimited office visit benefit offered from every insurer in Minnesota. The only one currently offered in this region is from Medica, with 100 percent coverage after deductible for $164 per month. Copays for office visits are $However, according to PreferredOne, their new Pathway plans in the Twin Cities area include unlimited visits with a $2000 deductible to offer some competition.

Blue Cross Blue Shield doesn’t even offer a plan with a deductible below $3000, though they do provide a comprehensive plan with 80/20 coverage and $50 unlimited office visits for $168 per month. For lower copays and less visits, they also have a $3000 plan with the first three visits for $30, from $133 per month depending on the network you choose.





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