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St. Cloud Health Insurance

Named after a Parisian suburb, the city of St. Cloud has nearly 66,000 residents and the metropolitan area is the third largest in the state. With the Mississippi River bisecting the city, St. Cloud has 95 parks and miles of trails surrounding the river among other locations. Quarry Park highlights the city’s abundance of granite quarries connected to various types of trails. Also a center for health care and higher education, the city’s largest employer is the CentraCare Health System, and St. Cloud is home to several colleges and universities. Historic buildings and nature preservation create an intriguing small city with not too long a commute to the Twin Cities.

When searching for individual health insurance in St. Cloud, you will find plans from all four Minnesota insurers: Medica, Blue Cross Blue Shield, HealthPartners, and PreferredOne. All of these nonprofits endorse the high-deductible plan, as few plans are offered below $3000. Another interesting aspect of the St. Cloud market is true for all of Minnesota, of which other states do not yet have the advantage: no rate variations based on gender. Therefore, Minnesota gives its men and women plans for the same affordable cost, and compared to many areas, private plans are quite affordable in St. Cloud.



Sample St. Cloud Health Insurance Quote

For a 47-year-old resident of St. Cloud, health insurance plans are available from $158 per month when choosing a lower deductible at $2500. PreferredOne, as usual in this deductible range in Minnesota, offers the lowest premium for a decent amount of upfront benefits and a number of hospital services for 20 percent coinsurance. With a few more dollars to spare, this resident would likely prefer the HealthPartners plan in this range, with a lower copay than PreferredOne for four office and urgent care visits, and unlimited online visits for free. HealthPartners also covers your first emergency room visit for $250, which is $50 less than PreferredOne. If settling for limited coverage and a lower premium, HealthPartners offers the better package.

If this applicant chooses not to settle and buy a plan with all the possible coverage necessary, Medica provides the most benefits for the lowest rate. At $216 per month, members of the Symphony plan receive 100 percent coverage after deductible on more hospital services than the previous two carriers, and unlimited physician visits for illness or injury. This plan includes all types of prescriptions in the annual deductible, and maternity coverage after a 12 month wait. However, for one more dollar, Blue Cross competes with their traditional PPO.

This plan has a higher deductible by $1000, and higher copays, so Medica still wins. Medica has a great statewide and regional network, and has been recognized as one of the state’s best plans. Either HealthPartners or Medica would be our recommendation, depending on whether budget or benefits are more significant.

Interested to find out what these and other St. Could health plans will cost for you? Fill out a quick health insurance quote and compare every plan to find the one that suits you best. If you would rather talk to a licensed agent about coverage options, we’re happy to help. Call us at 888 803 5917.






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