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Duluth Health Insurance

A seaport city close to the Wisconsin border, Duluth is located along Lake Superior and is home to several colleges and businesses. Duluth has an abundance of small-town events to keep the community lively and healthy, many of which revolve around sports or exercise. The city hosts several marathons for those on foot and on wheels, and also has several attractions for those interested in the biological or industrial history of Lake Superior, or those just looking for entertainment. Downtown, a charming waterfront tourist area has been constructed from old existing warehouses, where music festivals and other events take place.

Although Duluth is 126 miles from Saint Paul, the health insurance market is nearly identical. Every company represented in Minnesota serves the city of Duluth, offering the same PPO options. Upfront benefits are somewhat hard to come by on an unlimited basis, though a few plans provide such coverage. Most Minnesota plans are also supporters of the telemedicine, or online doctor’s visit, benefit, making it available for either a low copay or no charge. With affordable pricing for coverage and few plans with lower deductibles and full benefits, it’s easy to choose a health plan in Duluth.



Sample Duluth Health Insurance Quote

Running a quote for 27-year-old resident of Duluth, we found the lowest cost plan with a $2500 deductible was the PreferredOne for One plan. Limited to three office visits, members also have the benefit of unlimited online visits for a copay. For $93 per month, this is a good plan to have if you want the lowest possible premium and 80 percent coverage after deductible. HealthPartners offers the Compass plan for a reasonable $123, but still limits upfront physician care to four copay visits. Their telemedicine benefit is available for no cost with unlimited access.

This means, either the applicant compromises unlimited benefits and pays a smaller premium, or they choose the Medica Symphony plan with 100 percent coverage, and first dollar unlimited office visits (in person) and pharmacy benefits. This plan is only a few dollars more than the HealthPartners plan, and would be worth the money if the extra visits were needed. Medica also covers maternity care in the hospital services at 100 percent, and chiropractic visits with no limit before deductible.

Blue Cross Blue Shield provides a similar plan to Medica, but with a higher premium and higher copays. This rightly gives the best Duluth health insurance plan title to Medica in this case.

Which health insurance plan will be the most affordable and offer the best set of benefits for you? Get a quick quote and find out, or call us at 888 803 5917 to speak with a knowledgeable agent about these plans.






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