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Minnesota is full of life, between the pace of the Twin Cities and the natural beauty of the less populous areas. In each of these Mid-Western locales, health insurance is bound to vary, for different types of residents and the places they call home. Individual plans are subject to rate variances due to a number of factors, one of which is your zip code. In this section, cities and areas throughout Minnesota will be highlighted to describe the current market near you.

As there are many plans to choose from between the state’s four main insurers, we have chosen to compare companies based on the most affordable comprehensive plans they offer. By finding the plans from each carrier which most closely resemble each other in terms of benefits, coinsurance, and deductible, we determine the best deals among them for each sample case in a certain city. Plans in this category always have a $2500 deductible, 80/20 coinsurance, unlimited doctor’s office visits and prescriptions upfront, and any additional first dollar benefits a plan may include.

Each sample quote is made for an applicant who is getting such good rates because they are a nonsmoker and in good health. The rates for individual health insurance change quite frequently, depending on the time of year, though staying in a similar range. Even if you look in a few months and premiums have changed, they generally stay the same throughout the year. Minnesota has many great health plans to choose from, and sometimes it helps to take a look at what each carrier provides in a certain range.

The best way to compare premiums is you get your own quote, as it will be the most accurate. Browse your plan options and find the best source of coverage for you and your family in Minnesota.




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