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United Health One – Michigan

As the nation’s largest insurer, UnitedHealthcare is an important part of Michigan health insurance. UnitedHealthOne, underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, is the individual and family health plan connecting members to the UHC network. This network includes 704,966 providers, 5,580 hospitals, and 80,000 dentists nationwide, with many providers throughout Michigan. Golden Rule, a UnitedHealthcare subsidiary, has been selling personal health coverage for over 65 years, and has an “A” (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best, and an “A+” (Strong) from Standard & Poor’s. UnitedHealthcare is a huge company, and their individual plans are domiciled only in Indiana, which allows the company to only comply with federal liability risk in one state, though they offer coverage in more than 30.

UnitedHealthOne plans in Michigan are the same as they are everywhere. These plans do provide sufficient coverage and give members access to a large network. Individuals and families alike can use any doctor or facility of their choice, within the PPO network or not. Michigan members of UnitedHealthOne can also add dental coverage, as well as term life to their health plans. UnitedHealthOne plans also include a deductible credit, so you can renew your plan for another year and carry over the previous year’s deductible balance if it has not been met.



UnitedHealthOne Plans in Michigan


Copay Select Plans

If you expect to need a doctor’s office visit, prescription, or any other kind of medical service during the year, Copay Select plans offer the most benefits as soon as your plan starts. These plans cover hospital care at either 0, 20, or 30 percent coinsurance after deductible, and come in a range of deductibles so you don’t have to compromise your budget. Preventive care is covered at no cost, and you can choose a plan with unlimited office visits, or just a few covered for a copay. Lower your out-of-pocket expenses and gain confidence that you have a great network behind you for any kind of care.


High Deductible Plans

Individuals who are looking for a health plan with a low monthly premium and a large network might consider Plan 100, Plan 80, or Saver 80. Saver 80 is a catastrophic plan, with coverage only on a few services like preventive care and hospital visits. Plan 80 and Plan 100 offer physician benefits and prescriptions, and many other kinds of care for 20 or 0 percent coinsurance after deductible. Initially, preventive care is your only free benefit to keep you healthy until the deductible is reached.


Health Savings Account Plans

The consumer-directed health plan was very much supported and pioneered by UnitedHealthcare, and if you want an HSA plan, they have several to choose from. While you wait to fulfill your deductible, preventive services are covered at no cost in-network, all else is paid out-of-pocket. Get 100 percent coverage after deductible with HSA 100 plans, which cover every type of service under the deductible, or HSA 70, which leaves you responsible for 30 percent coinsurance. Either way, you have the option of setting up a spending account to accompany your plan with tax benefits.


UnitedHealthOne Michigan Brochure


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