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Humana One – Michigan

Humana One offers three main plan types in Michigan including Copay, Value, and HSA plans.  The Enhanced Copay plan is the best of the three, and offers office visit copays and prescription copays before the deductible and comes in a range of deductibles. The Humana One Value 100 plan covers 100% of all medical expenses (besides prescriptions) after that deductible, with three different deductible options.  Of course it is so high that it doesn’t really matter, but the plan is a good choice as a catastrophic plan as it will cover office visits after the deductible and doesn’t just cover hospitalization like most other catastrophic plans. Read below for more details and benefit summaries.




Humana One Plans in Michigan


Copay Plans


These plans are the optimum choice for those who want an array of benefits available for a fixed rate. Without coinsurance or deductibles to worry about for doctor’s office visits (primary care and specialist) and generic drugs, these plans give members peace of mind and ease of use. Find a combination that complements your budget with a wide selection of deductibles, and a choice of 70/30 or 80/20 coinsurance in-network. Not only are your upfront benefits immense, hospital care, diagnostic services, emergency room visits, and surgery, among many others are covered.

Humana Michigan Enhanced Copay 80 Benefits

Humana Michigan Copay 80 Benefits

Humana Michigan Copay 70 Benefits


100% After Deductible Plans

Humana excels at providing a great choice of high deductible plans, one without HSA-compatibility, and two different HSAs. Value 100 plans offer catastrophic coverage, yet without skimping on physician visits and covering various types of hospital care. They also cover prescriptions, and the entirety of your medical costs is covered once the deductible is met. HSA plans are available with and without prescription coverage. Enhanced HSAs offer the greatest level of benefits, incorporating all services from office visits to emergency care and specific medical needs. Both HSAs give members the option to open a health savings account with tax-free funds and tax benefits.

Humana Michigan Value 100 Benefits

Humana Michigan Enhanced HSA 100 Benefits

Humana Michigan HSA 100 Benefits


Delve into your Michigan health insurance possibilities by getting a free quote in a matter of seconds. Compare rates between Humana One plans and other insurers in your area online, or call us for a personal consultation at 888 803 5917.