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There are four main Michigan health insurance companies, obviously there are more than four, but East Coast Health Insurance has vetted the entire Michigan health insurance market, and feel that if you stray from any of these four companies you will end up with health insurance then you could have had with any of these four companies.

If however, your health situation is touchy, we would then consider some other companies, but before we went down that road, we would try to apply you for either Medicaid or one of the county health plans etc.  Again, if you have a company other then Blue Cross, Humana, United, or Aetna (including AARP also underwritten by Aetna) then you will hopefully realize that you could have bought more health insurance for the same price with one of the four companies I just mentioned.

So this page is basically a table of contents for our Michigan health insurance company section.  We will delve into each company much closer on that companies specific page.

But for your own Michigan health insurance quote, we suggest visiting our health insurance quote page.