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Warren Health Insurance

How does somebody go about finding insurance options in Warren, Michigan?  East Coast Health Insurance offers all leading health insurance plans in Warren for you and your family including options from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Humana One, United Health One, Aetna,, and Solo (Alliance Health and Life Insurance Company (AHL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Health Alliance Plan (HAP), a nonprofit health plan based in Detroit).

If you want to take your healthcare into your own hands you have come to the right place.  By running a quote on our website you will be presented with options from all of these companies and if you are able to buy on your own, you can even you purchase a plan online.  However, if you feel overwhelmed, then please call us at 888 803 5917 for a licensed Warren health insurance broker.  Our website will be your guide to the best health and wellness providers around the city.

Some great choices in Warren for a 30 year old individual female with a $2500 deductible are Celtic, Humana One, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and United Health One based on a quick quote done on the site.

For my age group the best value was offered by Solo and though Blue Cross was competitive in price, their plans were not really comparable with the others because the benefits were more geared to after the deductible was passed.    United Health and Humana however were both very competitive as well and depending on your age actually might be the best value for you.