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Troy Health Insurance

A suburb of Detroit and one of the largest cities in the state, Troy has been ranked as the safest city in Michigan for 14 consecutive years. Recurring in Money magazine’s top 25 best places to live, the city is bouncing back post-recession, which gives the area increasing appeal. The housing market is very affordable, yet businesses are returning to the area.

The automobile industry is back on the rise and Troy is becoming more sought-after. Troy residents have plenty of parks and recreation to utilize, as well as a variety of corporations to employ the population. The city was also once named by Sports Illustrated the Sportstown of Michigan for providing the highest quality community sports programs in the state.

Healthcare coverage in Troy is much like the Detroit health insurance market, despite being in a different county. A slew of health plans are available, including HMOs, POSs, and PPOs. The variety available gives the Troy market much more choice in their networks and coverage. Though they aren’t for everyone, HMO plans provide the most benefits and keep you connected to a tight-knit group of providers.

As they are so benefit-rich, HMOs have a higher premium, but but with the perk of low cost care and fixed copays for more services. Regional PPOs like HealthPlus are also a good option for those looking for a comprehensive plan with a lower premium than other plans, starting at $157 per month for a 35-year-old female in Troy. With over 100 plans to choose from, Troy residents should narrow down their options by searching for the best pairing of first-dollar coverage (copays not subject to deductible) and a low premium.

Troy Michigan Health Insurance Quotes


Sample Troy Health Insurance Quote

In this example, a 35-year-old female living in Troy has access to a HealthPlus $2,500 plan, as mentioned, for a lower cost than the competition. Though an unlimited number office visits are covered at copay, the consideration to make is in the lack of prescription coverage, as even those who don’t take prescriptions can’t predict when they’ll need a medication for an unexpected illness. The company offers a pharmacy rider, which is inexpensive, or a discount card to compensate. Also, the out-of-pocket limit is higher than normal at $3,500.

The next plan in the $2,500 deductible range to consider for cost is another regional PPO, Priority Health. For $187 per month, this plan limits office visits to four total, and covers both generic and name brand drugs for 40 percent coinsurance before deductible. HAP offers a good option, as well with a $2,000 plan with 80/20 coverage, and $25 copays for unlimited visits with specialists and primary care doctors. Unlike the cheaper plans, the Personal Alliance PPO covers ER visits for $250, and lab work for $25 upfront.

If you are interested in an HMO, the most affordable plan is from Blue Cross and Blue Shield, which includes copays on prescriptions and office visits before deductible, and emergency care, prenatal visits, and chiropractic after.

As rates vary from one resident to another, compare your own rates with a free, instant health insurance quote to find plans in Troy.




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