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Lansing Health Insurance

The capital of Michigan, Lansing and its surrounding metropolitan area are home to the Mid-Michigan hub of commerce, education, government, and sports. The fifth largest city in the state, Lansing proper is a key locale for health insurance, as four carriers are headquartered in its vicinity. Hence, the options for Lansing health insurance are vast and potentially confusing to the newcomer, given eight different companies to decide between. As with most health insurers serving their local population, a few of the Michigan-based regional carriers arguably offer the best prices in Lansing.

Lansing is filled with culture, as well as over 100 health plans. With its dense student population, a student health plan is a great option for those receiving their masters or doctorate from any number of fine Michigan schools in the city. Any walk of life requires a health plan, whether a politician, educator, lawyer, or musician – of which the city has many. The city is more than just a stuffy center of politics, law, and health care, it also hosts the Common Ground Festival, as well as a number of local concerts, and brings the city together through its farmers’ markets and art walks.

Health insurance in Lansing consists of equal parts national and regional carriers, including HealthPlus, Priority Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Aetna, Celtic, IHC Group, Humana, and UnitedHealthOne. Between these eight companies, Lansing residents have their choice of HMO and PPO coverage, though the market is mostly dominated by PPOs. Each of these companies varies slightly in their benefit choices, price range, and are connected to different networks, therefore it can get slightly overwhelming to figure out which plan is the perfect choice for you. Call us if you have any questions about Lansing health plans at 888 803 5917.



Sample Lansing Health Insurance Quote

In order to help narrow down your choices and give an example of the current state of health insurance in Lansing, we ran a sample quote for a 30-year-old male resident in search of an affordable plan. This resident has their heart set on spending as little as possible on a plan, while still getting the best selection of benefits and quality coverage for their money. It is possible, indeed. HealthPlus Signature Select offers an unlimited office visit plan with a $2500 deductible for $109 per month for this resident. Though prescriptions are not covered, a discount card can always enter the picture in this case.

The rivaling plan for a mere $4 more from Priority Health, another local provider, is perhaps a better deal, as they include coverage on both brand name and generic prescriptions. This plan has received a gracious rating from AM Best, which means it meets the industry standard, yet it also appears to be a substantial health plan for the consumer. In another very close premium comparison, IHC offers a plan with $50 copays for office visits, which may add up compared to a $20 copay, but $125 per month is still good for a city health plan.

Smart Select from BCBS of Michigan is also a good plan, and one of the scarce HMOs found in Lansing. For $128 per month, this is a very affordable HMO plan, which acts slightly more like a PPO in that there are few upfront benefits, and major medical care is covered after deductible. Depending whether you enjoy the comfort of an intimate provider network or like to branch out to your choice of doctors, an HMO may or may not be for you. The remaining plans are equally sufficient and equally competitive in price, as you can see.

Rates will vary from one insurer to another depending on information specific to each applicant, therefore this sample is to be taken with a grain of salt. Get a personalized depiction of your health insurance options in Lansing by filling out your own quote, or calling one of our licensed agents for more details at 888 803 5917.