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Kalamazoo Health Insurance

Kalamazoo is centrally located in the Great Lakes region, and is home to Western Michigan University as well as several other universities and colleges. The city also has a history as being the birthplace of the Gibson Guitar company, though the musical side of Kalamazoo may be lacking.

However, art and nature are highly important elements to the culture of Kalamazoo, including the Kalamazoo Nature Center with its replica tropical rainforest and 11 trails filled with wildlife, and the Kalamazoo Institute of the Arts. Also referred to as Mall City, the nation’s first indoor pedestrian mall circa 1959 is also located in Kalamazoo, and an outdoor mall with a bit more local flavor.

For a small city in Michigan, Kalamazoo holds many reasons for its residents to stay rooted, including the price of individual health insurance plans. Health plans are available from Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Humana, United, and regional companies HealthPlus and Priority Health.

While there are mainly PPOs to choose from, a few HMO plans also enter the mix. Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a low cost HMO to balance the PPO selection, and the remaining health plans offer both in and out-of-network coverage.


Sample Kalamazoo Health Insurance Quote

For a 28-year-old male nonsmoking resident of Kalamazoo, our sample applicant, coverage is quite affordable. In addition to plans from under $100, there are a number of comprehensive plans from each carrier in the city starting at $105 per month. Health Plus offers the most cost effective PPO for this resident, with unlimited office visits for a $25 copay, and 80 percent coverage after deductible. Prescriptions are not covered, however, which may lead to the next lowest premium from Blue Cross as the best plan option. The BCBSMI HMO plan covers maternity care as well as prescriptions. As HMOs allow you to save money by using one exclusive provider network, this is likely the greatest set of benefits for the least money.

IHC Group and Priority Health are in close competition, as these plans both offer a solid $2500 deductible, 80/20 coverage plan. The choice between these two would be whether you want to spend more each month or a higher copay. Aetna’s traditional PPO 2500 plan is the most expensive in Kalamazoo for this applicant, though at under $150, the premium is still within reach. Given the choice, it is much more appealing to spend as little as possible, therefore, Blue Cross would be the plan of choice, and if this resident was opposed to an HMO, Priority Health seems sufficient.

The subtle variety in plans helps narrow down the selection in Kalamazoo for this resident, though it may be different for someone of another age group or gender. Your information determines the rates you will receive, and which plan will offer the best benefits for the least money. Get a quote online now or call us at 888 803 5917 to speak with an agent.





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