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Grand Rapids Health Insurance


In Grand Rapids, Michigan there are five main health insurance companies to choose from including Aetna, AARP, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Humana One, and United Health One.  There are of course others including Companion and Celtic, but they are limited networks and just can’t compete with the big five.

What I love about Grand Rapids health insurance is that the most affordable health insurance company is Aetna and I love Aetna.  Not only do they never rescind policies, but they also have a great prescription plan and offer great service.

Even more affordable than Aetna is United Health Care in Grand Rapids, but they are simply not as good as Aetna, but a similar plan when compared to Aetna is 30% less.  Health Insurance is very affordable in Grand Rapids for some reason and for a 34 year old male, the Copay Select 2500 plan is barely $80 per month.  For a little perspective, I have this plan right now, and am paying $180 a month for it in Florida.  Yes it is double the premium.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has slim pickings in Grand Rapids and their plan only offers 2 office visit copayments a year so it isn’t really comparable to the other plans that I am highlighting here.  However, if you are looking for a catastrophic plan, they might be your ticket.  To check them out run your own Grand Rapids Health Insurance Quote here.

Finally Humana One is exactly in the middle of the pack and are completely unremarkable, however they might be a good choice for you, if you are in an unusual demographic.

And if you are over 55, AARP is a no-brainer in Grand Rapids.  You can run an AARP quote in Grand Rapids or call us at 888 803 5917.