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Ann Arbor Health Insurance

Ann Arbor Health Insurance Quotes

Ann Arbor is an artistic, liberal community filled with education, culture, and an eventful lifestyle. Besides housing the state’s largest educational and sports institution, University of Michigan, the city offers a great combination of casual, Midwestern living and thriving industry. The seventh largest city in Michigan, Ann Arbor is the location of headquarters for several large corporations, and is also only 40 miles outside of Detroit. The city has been ranked by various publications and websites noting the great quality of life, solid economy, and pleasant environment.

A center for liveliness and culture, Ann Arbor offers it residents an array of activities downtown. Museums for archaeology and art, as well as an extensive library supplement the University’s educational impact on the area. To wind down from studies, the city also is home to a number of pubs and bars offering a constant stream of live music and local brews with a homey feel. During the summer months, music and art festivals fill the streets of downtown.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, a short seven mile commute brings you to the Dexter-Huron Metropark with 122 acres of woods and rivers. Twelve miles outside of Ann Arbor, the 1,529 acre Hudson Mills Metropark offers hiking and nature trails, a golf course, as well as rivers open for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.


Ann Arbor Health Insurance

Residents of Ann Arbor have many choices for individual health insurance. Friendly to both national and regional carriers, the area is full of options. Companies serving the city include Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Health Alliance Plan, Humana, Priority Health, HealthPlus, and UnitedHealthOne. Coverage is fairly affordable in Ann Arbor, coming in on the low-to-average side compared to the rest of the nation. Compared to the state, Ann Arbor health plans are less costly than Detroit, which makes it an even more appealing place to live. Each regional carriers like Health Plus and Priority Health provide more favorable rates for various demographics. Health Plus offers a great comprehensive plan from $91 with a $2500 for a 30-year-old male resident.

To get a personalized quote with your premiums in Ann Arbor, enter your zip code below, or contact a licensed Michigan agent at 888 803 5917 to discuss your possibilities.

Ann Arbor Sample Health Insurance Quote

For a 32-year-old, healthy, nonsmoking female resident of Ann Arbor, Health Plus is the best option, though the competition is rather close. Starting at $118 per month, Health Plus offers the lowest premium for a $2500 plan, though coinsurance is 30 percent compared to 20. If we compare all of the 80/20 plans with a $2500 deductible and copays, both Health Plus and Priority Health offer plans for $142 per month and include office visit coverage for a copay. Depending on preference, Health Plus, with unlimited office visits and no pharmacy benefits, or Priority Health, with brand and generic drugs included, yet only covering four office visits, will be the winner. Health Plus seems the better choice, as you can add a drug plan for a very low cost, if you choose.

As the rates for this resident appear to come in pairs, the next best rates are offered by IHC and Humana, with IHC claiming the lower premium, and Humana offering lower copays. Both are decent plans if you decide you want the traditional layout of a comprehensive copay plan, with brand name prescription deductibles (IHC’s is lower at $250), and very standard coverage.

The next grouping features HAP for $216 per month, again, offering an optional prescription benefit but the rest of the plan design is very nice: $25 copays for specialists, chiropractors, and PCPs, and a $250 emergency room copay. Though it may not be the cheapest plan, it may be one of your best options in Ann Arbor, and is likely more affordable for a different applicant. The Personal Alliance PPO is indeed  great plan to consider, and compared to UnitedHealthOne for several dollars more, HAP is the best choice. The upside to the UnitedHealthOne plan is that you receive 100 percent coverage once the deductible is met.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is the most expensive, but their plan is an HMO, so you get absolutely every kind of benefit for a copay including maternity.






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