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Public Assistance

Maryland, as any other state, has a large population of uninsured residents (771,500, including 138,300 children), many of whom are unable to afford coverage due to their income. While many may not be aware of the programs and services they have at their fingertips for medical care, there are numerous sources in the state. The state offers government-sponsored health programs such as Medicaid for low-income residents without health insurance, providing free health care and coverage to those who qualify. Medicaid already covers 15 percent of the Maryland population, but there are plenty of people who are eligible that have not yet enrolled.

In addition to Medicaid is a program providing health insurance to children who lack health insurance with a household income over the Medicaid limits, the Maryland Children’s Health Program. Through MHCP and the various divisions of Medicaid, families, children, and other Maryland residents who have difficulty paying for health care can access the services they need. Disabled and elderly individuals can also receive coverage for any specialized type of health care they may require through Medicaid. These programs are in place for people who need them, and it is worthwhile to find out if you qualify.

In this section, you will find information about each Medicaid program in the state, as well as a directory of free and low-cost health clinics. These facilities offer care to patients in need of financial assistance with their medical bills, offering preventive care for free, and other services that you might seek at an office of primary care. Located throughout the state, health care professionals staff these clinics and offer their services for no charge or only what you are able to afford. Medicaid beneficiaries are also encourage to use these centers, as it is an included benefit in their coverage.

Find out more about the help you may be able to receive as a Maryland resident in need. If your income is holding you back from keeping yourself and your family healthy, consider these options. Health insurance in Maryland is affordable, but many individuals are still unable to spare the cost. Use your resources as they are made available to you, and discover an alternative to skipping on the doctor altogether or paying too much.