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Offering individual and family health insurance plans in most states and the District of Columbia, UnitedHealthOne has one of the largest national networks. UnitedHealthOne plans are underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, and are a UnitedHealthcare company. UnitedHealthcare insures over 26 million Americans, with a provider network of 754,000 doctors and health care professionals, and 5,400 hospitals when all its divisions are combined. Providing coverage on every possible market, UnitedHealthcare serves employers of all sizes, including 50 percent of all Fortune 100 companies, as well as individuals, families, seniors, and those in need of public assistance.

Golden Rule has been providing health insurance products for individuals and families for more than 65 years, establishing trust in their quality coverage. Industry rankings show UnitedHealthOne and Golden Rule as reputable sources of individual coverage, earning an “A” (Excellent) from A.M. Best, and an “A+” (Strong) from Standard & Poor’s. Maryland also has the benefit of UnitedHealthOne’s strong coverage through copayment, high deductible, and HSA-compatible health plans.


United Heath Care Individual Health Insurance Plans


UnitedHealthOne Plans in Maryland


Copay Plans

If you prefer a plan with low cost benefits that starts when your coverage does, copayment plans are an excellent choice. With primary care or specialist office visits for $35, generic prescriptions for $15, and preventive care for free, you have plenty of ways to stay healthy and cared for prior to meeting your deductible. UnitedHealthOne provides copay coverage in various levels to fit your budget, you decide whether you want a plan with unlimited visits (Copay Select) or coverage for only a few (Copay Select Value).


High Deductible Health Plans

These PPOs have a lower monthly premium in exchange for a deductible that leaves room for a vast number of medical services. Select a deductible that fits your needs and budget, and you will be responsible for all cost sharing until you reach your annual amount. Using the UnitedHealthOne network, you can receive discounted rates on care, and preventive services are always offered for no charge. Once you have met the deductible, your plan will cover 80 or 100 percent of physician, hospital, and emergency care.


Health Savings Account Plans

A high-deductible plan with the ability to open an HSA for tax benefits, these plans also leave members in control of their health care costs. Using the HSA to pay for your medical care and other qualified expenses, you can build a savings account that will not be taxed when funds are spent and will bring tax benefits as a deduction. HSA 70 offers a lower cost version of the health savings plan, without prescription coverage. HSA 100 offers full catastrophic coverage after you meet the deductible, including medications. These plans are ideal for those who wish to meet their deductible in a more financially creative way.


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To view UnitedHealthOne premium rates and available plans in your area, get a Maryland health insurance quote. Contact an agent with any inquiries or a more personal approach to the quoting process at 888 803 5917.