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Salisbury Health Insurance

While it may not be one of the larger cities in the state, Salisbury, Maryland certainly has the most year-round residents and permanent attractions of any city along the Maryland coast. While most towns on the eastern shore of Maryland are primarily seasonal, Salisbury is home to historical buildings, a university, art galleries, and museums. The area offers both civilization and nature for those who want a less conventional ocean-side experience, with the Delaware Seashore State Park and Assateague Island National Seashore (famous for its wild horses) preserving the nearby land. Other natural areas, like the Adkins Arboretum, and Trapp Pond State Park provide residents with great opportunities to camp, walk nature trails, and enjoy water activities. Though a small town, Salisbury represents the eastern shore’s most dense area, who – like anyone else – is in need of a solid health plan.

Salisbury residents have access to a handful of health insurance plans from great national carriers Aetna, Coventry, CareFirst Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Maryland, and UnitedHealthOne. These are the only companies a Salisburian should consider, as anything else is likely a scam or a ripoff and has inadequate coverage. Between these companies, you have more than 60 plans to choose from, all of which are PPOs, and are very affordable. Just because it gets a little bit country over in Salisbury doesn’t mean they compromise the gender-based rate equality that the entire state enjoys from certain companies like Coventry, so fair premiums are offered to all in many cases. United rates up for women, however. This region is great for low cost coverage, coming in less expensive than more populous areas.



Salisbury Sample Health Insurance Quote

For a 26-year-old female resident of Salisbury, the best plan comes from Coventry One with a premium of $77 per month. No other insurer in the area matches the amount of benefits you get – unlimited office visits and generic prescriptions upfront – for anywhere  near this amount. Though it only covers primary care, you get a $25 visit before deductible with no limit and coverage for generics only. With 20 percent coinsurance after deductible, this is a great plan for a young adult. However, for even more coverage, Coventry still offers the best deal at $99 per month and includes more prescriptions – specialist visits are still subject to deductible.

CareFirst offers some interesting plans, including both HMO and PPO options. Obviously, HMO will cost about twice as much, but you then receive an abundance of benefits that no other plan will offer. Their network plan costs $189 per month and covers PCP visits and generic drugs at no cost, and specialists, emergency care, and basically everything else for a copay. It’s a great choice if you want to know all of your costs in advance and can afford to spend extra. It also covers maternity and vision services all in one place. If opting for the PPO from BCBS, this resident would pay $97 per month and only get a limited supply of covered office visits.

Given the cost of UnitedHealthOne and Aetna, this resident has better options for under $100 per month with more coverage from Coventry. Coventry is based in Maryland and makes sure they stay competitive in the state, hence their plans being the winner in this case.

To view rates in Salisbury for you and your family, get a free, instant health insurance quote and find out how these plans price on a personal level. If you prefer speaking with one of our helpful agents, we would be happy to assist you on your quest for coverage. Call us at 888 803 5917.






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