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Hagerstown Health Insurance

Hagerstown is located along the Potomac River, near the Appalachian Mountains, and is the industrial and commercial center of Western Maryland. Due to its lovely natural location, residents have many outdoor activities within reach. The area is popular for mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and other adventures with a close proximity to the Appalachian Trail and the C&O Canal Towpath. Hagerstown also has various historical sites, homes, and museums to educate and entertain, as well as various events, shops, and a thriving nightlife. With a population of nearly 40,000, the town is quaint but energetic, and surely has a few people in need of health insurance.

The individual health insurance market in Hagerstown is even more easy to handle than the other Maryland towns and cities. There are only three insurers worth purchasing coverage from in Hagerstown, including Coventry, Aetna, and UnitedHealthOne. Minimal selection narrows down your choices as a Hagerstown resident, and it is even less expensive (by a few dollars) than several other areas in the state. Overall, it seems no matter where you live in Maryland, coverage is consistently affordable. Buying a health plan in Hagerstown should be a simple and painless process, yet if you need a bit of assistance, we’re ready to help. Call an agent for a quote at 888 803 5917.



Sample Hagerstown Health Insurance Quote

For a visualization of the health plans offered in Hagerstown, and to prove how simple it is to select the most cost-effective plan with the best coverage, we ran a quote for a healthy 32-year-old female resident. As with the other Maryland regions we have researched, Coventry One offers the best plan in Hagerstown. For this resident, a health plan will cost a mere $101 per month for unlimited doctor’s office visits for a $25 copay. The Coventry One plan comes with coverage for emergency care, inpatient hospital care, diagnostic services, and outpatient surgery for 20 percent coinsurance after deductible. This plan also has 30 chiropractic visits covered throughout the year, mental health care, and room and board during a maternity stay.

The next lowest premium comes from UnitedHealthOne, though their coverage is decent and their service is apparently not the consumer’s favorite. Aetna’s plan offers coverage on only your first four office visits for a copay, which may be plenty for some, or cutting it close for those who want to be safe. On top of the limited visits, the plan costs nearly double the amount of the Coventry One plan, which makes Coventry the clear choice in this case, and most likely for any demographic.

If you are looking for a health plan with unlimited office visits for a copay so you can have access to primary care for a lower cost, coverage for generic prescriptions, and 80/20 in-network coinsurance, Coventry One is the best selection. For other plan types and deductibles, you will have to find out what those rates look like by getting your own quote. Call us at 888 803 5917 to further discuss Hagerstown health insurance or get a quote from a real person.






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