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Germantown Health Insurance

Technically a census-designated place, not a city, Germantown, Maryland is located 25 miles from the nation’s capital and is divided into villages. Though there is no distinct downtown, the Churchill Town Sector is the most commercial area in Germantown. This portion features the BlackRock Arts Center, the Up County Government Center, as well as a movie theater, shops and restaurants lining the streets. In the past decade, Germantown has experienced rapid growth as a population, and continues to expand with various company offices and headquarters, and commuters to Washington.

With the full array of carriers in Maryland, Germantown offers various health insurance plans from Kaiser Permanente, Aetna, Coventry One, and UnitedHealthOne. Both HMO and PPO options are presents, which gives you the ability to choose staying in network for more services for a copay, or the freedom of using in or out-of-network providers. Regardless of the plan, you will be paying less than most of the country, especially the nearby city of Washington, D.C., as they are one of the more costly cities for health insurance. Living in Germantown has its benefits, at the very least in terms of health insurance. Compared to other Maryland cities, Germantown most closely resembles Baltimore for pricing.



Sample Germantown Health Insurance Quote

When running a quote for a 32-year-old female, nonsmoking resident of Germantown, we discovered the best health plan for upfront benefits and overall coverage came from Coventry One. At $101 per month, this plan seems to be the best choice among each of the more populous areas in Maryland. UnitedHealthOne offers the next best source of coverage, with many more benefits than the Coventry plan for $20 more each month. While both cover an unlimited number of primary care office visits, United covers specialist visits as well for $35.

This Germantown resident could also consider a plan from Kaiser Permanente for $166 per month, offering a different style of plan from the rest in this range. The coinsurance is greater, but more services are covered for a copay before meeting your deductible. You also get the benefit of maternity care and vision care, which will not be included with any other Germantown plan for the next year or so. Though an HMO network can be a bit limiting, those who are looking to start a family or have less than perfect eyesight may prefer this plan over the others.

For this resident, a healthy female not looking to give birth any time soon, Coventry One is the top choice. Expecting to use the coverage as a back up and for preventive services, it seems sensible to go with the lowest premium in this range. Each resident will have a different set of rates, as this is only an example of one resident in particular. Your ideal health plan will ultimately depend on your medical needs and price range. To look up rates in Germantown for you and your family, fill out a personal health insurance quote, or call an agent with any questions at 888 803 5917.






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