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Frederick Health Insurance

Though Frederick, Maryland is statistically part of the Baltimore/Washington/Northern Virginia metropolitan area, it is fifty miles from each major city. The town is known for its well cultivated historic district, full of historic homes, sites, and museums, as well as restaurants, shops, performance venues, and art galleries. Frederick holds multiple events throughout the year, bringing its community together for their Summer Concert Series, and hosting holiday-centered festivals. The Community Bridge is also an attraction in Frederick, made up entirely of mural paintings to appear like an old bridge and match its historical surroundings. Frederick also has the benefit of overlooking the Catoctin Mountains, while still being within an hour’s commute to major cities.

Having covered a few Baltimore/Washington area cities, you can likely guess the health insurance market looks about the same throughout the region. Aetna offers either PPOs with limited coverage on doctor’s office visits or HSA plans, Coventry has the lowest premiums, and UnitedHealthOne has the most benefits. Moving a few more miles out to a different county in Frederick, the same plans are offered despite its more remote location. Prices are comparable to Baltimore, remaining a very fair, budget-friendly selection regardless of the town in which you live. To find a plan from Coventry, Aetna, UnitedHealthOne, or Kaiser Permanente to fit your price range, get a quote or call an agent at 888 803 5917.



Sample Frederick Health Insurance Quote

To adequately describe what individual health insurance is doing these days in Frederick, we ran a quote for a 42-year-old male living in zip code 21701. As the plan selection is identical to that offered in other parts of the metro area, the most affordable plan is still Coventry One, which costs $128 per month for this resident. This plan covers everything a healthy person in Frederick could want, including free preventive care, $20 doctor’s office visits, generic drugs, while connecting members to a fantastic network. However, for those who want to go a step further and have access to specialists before deductible, UnitedHealthOne is the next best plan for unlimited visits.

The UnitedHealthOne Copay Select plan also covers more than just generics if you want to reach a separate deductible for brand names and other tiers or medication. Aetna is also a good choice, though the plan restricts your coverage to 4 physician visits for a copay. In comparison to the Coventry One plan, it seems wise to get the unlimited visits for a lower premium. There is also, of course, the great HMO from Kaiser Permanente. This resident has access to the KP 2000 plan for $215 per month, with vision coverage, unlimited office visits, and a number of other services for a copay.

For the lowest price on the greatest amount of benefits, the most sensible option is Coventry One in Frederick. Consistently offering lower premiums than the competing carriers on similar – if not more generous – benefits, this is the PPO to go with in Maryland. If you favor the benefits of an HMO, then by all means go with Kaiser Permanente, as their level of quality is renowned and trusted in Maryland and nationwide.

Research rates in Frederick for you and your family by filling out your own quote. To speak with a knowledgeable agent about your PPO and HMO options and which plan will work best, call 888 803 5917.






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