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Columbia Health Insurance

Founded during the Civil Rights and hippie movements on the optimistic principles of eliminating racial, religious, and class segregation, Columbia is appropriately symbolized by the People Tree. The second largest city in the state, Columbia is comprised of ten “villages” offering a small-town feel, with street names giving artistic and literary references. The plan has succeeded as Columbia is consistently ranked in the top 10 “Best Places to Live” by Money magazine each year with its neighboring Ellicott City. Columbia offers a strong economy and high quality of life, with access to beautiful parks, gardens, and recreation centers, lively local bars, and a large lakefront performance venue. Close to Baltimore and D.C., Columbia has a great location and continues to thrive as a city.

With the same selection of insurers as Baltimore, Columbia is served by four highly respectable companies: Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, UnitedHealthOne, and Coventry Health Care. Incredibly affordable, Columbia individual health insurance contains many PPO plans under $100, even under $80, depending on the applicant. Kaiser Permanente provides several solid HMO plans with a great network of providers, though monthly costs are typically much higher due to the different plan structure. Presently, Columbia health plan prices are lower than the same options in Baltimore, giving the city an advantage for the cost of living and staying healthy.  To find out more about Columbia health plans, get a quote or call us at 888 803 5917.



Sample Columbia Health Insurance Quote

To find the most affordable plans with the most benefits in Columbia, we searched our quote engine for plans from each insurer with similar qualities. After running a quote for a 28-year-old male resident, you see it is possible to purchase a plan from UnitedHealthOne for as little as $58 per month. For female residents of the same age in Columbia, that plan is not offered for the same price, though each of the other plans in this range are identical between genders. However, this plan does not include doctor’s office visits – therefore the most truly excellent deal is a Coventry One plan for $79 per month (male or female).

This plan offers upfront benefits including unlimited primary care visits and generic prescriptions, and if this resident cares to upgrade to a plan with more pharmacy coverage it would cost $103 per month – still very reasonable. Otherwise, the plans are identical. The next carrier with a PPO for a low price is UnitedHealthOne. With a premium of $106 per month, the Copay Select 80 plan is a viable source of comprehensive coverage. $35 unlimited visits to both primary care and specialist physicians and full pharmacy coverage (with separate deductible) provide a few more benefits than Coventry. Their out-of-pocket is also $500 more than Coventry at $3000.

With a Kaiser Permanente copayment plan in a decent price range, this may not be the lowest price, but savings on medical care will likely compensate for the higher premium. This plan covers maternity care, prescriptions, and eye care, with copays for emergency care, PCP and specialist office visits, and outpatient mental health care and substance abuse services. Using the HMO network, it is possible to have access to care with predictable rates instead of paying out-of-pocket for certain medical expenses. Still, Coventry remains the price leader for a healthy individual who wants a good safety net.






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