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From the bustling city of Baltimore to the marshes of the Chesapeake, every region is slightly different for health insurance in Maryland. In order to more accurately depict the current individual and family market throughout the state, we have created a few pages featuring sample quotes in different areas. Keeping the same criteria in every quote, we search for the plans with a $2500 deductible, upfront benefits (office visits for a copay, prescriptions), and 80/20 coinsurance in-network. We also strive to find plans with out-of-pocket maximums that are more generous than not.

In describing the most affordable comprehensive health plans, it is also polite to give each city and town’s lifestyle and culture a nod. Once we have found the most affordable plan with these requirements from each carrier, it is time to narrow down the competition, as sometimes prices can be extremely close, while other instances prove otherwise. This section’s articles help fictional applicants find the best plan for the lowest cost, and vary the demographics to give examples of how rates can fluctuate.

While getting educated on how to choose a low cost health plan and what rates look like from one age group to another, feel free to research your own premiums and view the full range of health plans in your Maryland neighborhood. Get a quote to view your options with plans from Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, UnitedHealthOne, and Coventry.