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Limited Benefit Plans


Every Choice Limited Benefit Plan Options

Our selection of limited benefit products gives you more coverage options!

Find out exactly how each plan works by reviewing the product brochures below.

Call a licensed agent at 888-803-5917 when you’re ready to apply, or if you have any questions about Fixed-Benefit, Indemnity, and other Supplemental Insurance options. Limited Benefit plans are not a substitute for major medical plans, rather, they provide a cash payout for when you need to afford healthcare services.


Why Consider Limited Benefit Coverage?

We know it sounds scary. In fact, our agents’ lips were sealed about Limited Benefit plans until recently, when we realized that Americans in need of coverage could truly utilize and appreciate these benefits. As the healthcare laws shift further from consumer protections – shortening the Annual Open Enrollment Period for long-term plans, and abbreviating the length of Short Term Medical Policies to 3 months – it’s hard to get any form of coverage outside of Open Enrollment.

What is a fixed-benefit insurance plan and how can it help you? Limitations of any sort don’t exactly foster peace of mind, especially when it comes to feeling security from your coverage. Once you understand the perks a limited benefit plan offers, and know the difference between these products and Major Medical Long Term Health Insurance, we think your interest will be piqued.

In short, Limited Benefit plans offer a cash payout to cover medical expenses of your choice. The policy guidelines will indicate any restrictions for how the benefit can be used.

It’s a great option if you want to access benefits without waiting periods and deductibles, or if you need a PPO network with portable coverage. Medical Underwriting is not always required depending on the carrier.


IHC Care Access Plan Brochure

This product is one of our favorite Limited Benefit plans! Optional benefits include preventive wellness, diagnostic testing and office visits. Care Access Plan will pay fixed-benefit amounts to protect against covered medical expenses resulting from services such as hospital care, surgical procedures, chemotherapy and radiation. There is no annual or lifetime maximum.

Each plan includes a lump sum critical illness benefit for the primary insured and spouse, in the amount of $10,000. Dependent children covered on the plan have access to a $2,500 critical illness cash payout.

IHC Care Access Plan


UnitedHealthcare Hospital SafeGuard Brochure

Hospital SafeGuard plans pay you cash benefits for eligible inpatient hospital and ICU confinements. These products do not replace your long term major medical plan, they are an addition to it.

when you receive care for a qualified medical service, you fill a claim form and submit it to the insurer with copies of your receipts for paid medical bills. UnitedHealthcare will mail a check to you for the fixed amounts shown below. You must be enrolled in an ACA-compliant plan in order to qualify for Hospital SafeGuard plans, which is not the case for all Limited Benefit plans, so you’ll want to discuss this with your Every Choice Health Insurance Agent.

UHC Hospital SafeGuard


AUIC Core Health Brochures

AUIC Core Health Gold Plan

AUIC Core Health Physician Plan

AUIC Core Health Platinum Plan

AUIC Core Health Value Plan


HII Principle Advantage Limited Benefit Brochure

Principle Advantage Limited Benefit

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